Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the essential features and benefits of using a gold highbanker for gold prospecting.
  • Discover the top gold highbankers on the market, their price points, and customer feedback.
  • Learn practical tips for setting up and operating a gold highbanker effectively.

Gold prospecting is an exciting and potentially rewarding hobby that has captivated enthusiasts for centuries. With the right equipment, prospectors can increase their chances of finding gold.

One such piece of equipment is the gold highbanker, a crucial tool for serious prospectors. This review will delve into the world of gold highbankers, examining their features, effectiveness, and the top models available.

What is a Gold Highbanker?

A gold highbanker, often simply referred to as a high banker, is a gold prospecting equipment that combines a sluice box with a water pump and a typical hopper design.

This setup allows prospectors to process more gold bearing gravel than a normal stream sluice, especially in areas where water is scarce. The high banker is designed to be set up near the dig site, so you don't have to haul material too far.

The high banker uses a water pump to force water through the sluice box, which is equipped with riffles and a classifier screen to catch fine gold.

The water valve is crucial for controlling the flow, ensuring that the washed material is adequately separated, leaving the heavier gold to settle at the bottom of the sluice.

Choosing the Right Highbanker

When selecting a gold highbanker, quality should be your top priority. A well-constructed unit can withstand the rigors of the terrain and the constant flow of water and material.

Look for high bankers made with durable materials and consider the size – compact models like the mini highbanker are great for those who need something lightweight and portable.

Price is another consideration. While it's tempting to go for discounts or the cheapest option in stock, investing in a high-quality high banker can save you money in the long run.

Read reviews and watch videos from other customers to gauge the performance and durability of the models you're interested in.

Best Gold Hound Highbanker

Gold Hound 5.5" x 28" Mini Highbanker - Lightweight with 7 Hungarian Riffles

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Gold Hound 5.5" x 28" Mini Highbanker - Lightweight with 7 Hungarian Riffles

Introducing the Gold Hound Mini Highbanker, the perfect tool for small-scale gold prospecting. This compact unit is ideally sized for limited production runs and exploratory testing. It features an extended hopper and wash area, meticulously designed to ensure thorough washing of rocks and sediment.

The lower tray is thoughtfully equipped with expanded metal at the top to efficiently capture larger gold nuggets. Below this, you'll find seven Hungarian riffles, expertly arranged to enhance gold separation.

Additionally, the tray includes a carpet lining at the bottom, optimizing the recovery of fine gold particles.

Powering the Gold Hound Mini Highbanker is a robust 12-volt pump, capable of processing 1100 gallons per hour, ensuring a steady flow of material through the system. The unit also comes with a sturdy set of legs/stand for stable operation.


  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Hopper Length: 25 inches
  • Lower Tray Length: 28 inches
  • Width: 5.5 inches

Crafted for both efficiency and portability, the Gold Hound Mini Highbanker is lightweight, durable, and an indispensable asset for any gold panning enthusiast.

Best Gold Pup Highbanker

Gold Pup Highbanker 6"x26" w/1100 GPH Pump

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Gold Pup Highbanker 6"x26" w/1100 GPH Pump

The Gold Pup Mini Highbanker is an efficient, two-stage highbanker designed to enhance your gold prospecting experience. Equipped with a robust motor, it ensures a consistent flow of water, essential for effective gold separation.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, this highbanker comes with everything you need to start your quest for gold, except for a few additional items.

Included with your purchase is a 12-volt 1100-gph pump and a 4-foot recirculating hose, ensuring ample water circulation for processing materials.

The highbanker features adjustable legs, allowing for easy adjustment of the slope to optimize gold recovery. A built-in spray bar provides even water distribution over the materials being processed.

Below the spray bar, you'll find ribbed miner's carpet designed to capture fine gold particles, and above that, hinged Hungarian riffles.

These riffles are specifically crafted to fit within standard plastic tubs, which you'll need to supply along with a 12V lawn mower battery and a small pail for discarding waste rock.

The Gold Pup Highbanker is versatile enough to be used in various environments, from arid deserts to your favorite stream, or even in the comfort of your home garage. It significantly expedites the gold recovery process compared to traditional panning or drywashing techniques.

The unit's sluice and hopper provide a combined 47 inches of classifying area, ample space for sorting and processing materials. The riffles and cage are constructed from lightweight aluminum, which not only makes it easier to handle but also simplifies the removal of black sand buildup with a magnet.

The hinged design of the riffles ensures that clean-up is straightforward and hassle-free.

The highbanker's sluice and hopper are made from .080 gauge 5052 aircraft aluminum, offering durability without excessive weight. Please note that the plastic tub for setup is not included with the highbanker.

In summary, the Gold Pup Mini Highbanker is a top-notch tool for any gold prospector looking to increase their yield with a reliable and easy-to-use highbanker.

Best High Capacity Highbanker

CC690 High Capacity Highbanker Sluice Box

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CC690 High Capacity Highbanker Sluice Box

The highbanker/power sluice showcased here is the result of extensive research conducted by Canadian universities and government entities, drawing on insights from Yukon's placer gold recovery operations.

This highbanker, known as the CC690, is engineered to process a substantial amount of material—more than other small-scale mining equipment on the market—while maintaining a high recovery rate for fine gold.

It was also designed with durability, portability, and ease of use in mind. After two years of rigorous testing and development, the CC690 has proven to meet these stringent requirements.

The CC690's design allows for easy transportation to the dig site, as it folds into a compact form that can be rolled. Once on-site, it can be set up swiftly without the need for tools or concern over losing small parts.

It operates using a standard 3-inch trash pump, which propels water through 2-inch hoses at a rate of 150 gallons per minute.

A pivotal feature of the CC690 is its grizzly, which can be tilted to remove oversized rocks onto an inspection plate before disposal—particularly useful for recovering larger gemstones or quartz specimens. The material smaller than 3/4 inch passes over aggressive aluminum angle riffles in the upper trough, where gold larger than 12 mesh is captured.

The remaining material flows into the lower trough, which is equipped with two sizes of expanded metal riffle sections—3/4 inch and 3/16 inch heavy gauge aluminum—to catch progressively finer gold particles.

Both the top and bottom troughs measure 4 feet in length and 1 foot in width, and they are lined with deep v-groove matting beneath heavy vinyl miner's moss under all riffle sections to ensure secure retention of all captured gold.

Cleanup is straightforward, and the legs and wheels are designed to tuck away inside the troughs for convenient transport.

In summary, the CC690 excels at capturing gold across a spectrum of sizes with remarkable efficiency. When compared to competing equipment, it is demonstrably more robust, better constructed, simpler to operate, and easier to transport.

It is, without a doubt, the most capable power sluice on the market. The throughput capacity of the CC690 is directly influenced by the type of material processed. With two individuals shoveling material continuously, the CC690 can comfortably process approximately 1/2 yard of material per hour.

Best Mini Highbanker

Mini Highbanker 6"x21" w/750GPH Pump

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Mini Highbanker 6"x21" w/750GPH Pump

The Model #58 Mini-Recirculating Gold Highbanker is a comprehensive and portable gold prospecting tool designed for the avid treasure hunter. This unit includes:

  • A mini highbanker for efficient gold separation
  • Four sturdy legs for stable operation
  • A powerful 750 GPH pump, mounted on a bracket for optimal water flow
  • A 4-foot long, 3/4-inch diameter recirculating hose

The highbanker is equipped with a 12-volt, 750-GPH pump and a bracket specifically designed for recirculation. The adjustable legs allow for easy control of the slope, ensuring that you can adapt to any terrain with ease.

The hopper features black ribbed matting for quick identification of gold and a built-in spray bar for effective material washing.

Below the hopper, you'll find ribbed miner's carpet and expanded metal mesh. This combination is crucial for trapping gold flakes and nuggets while allowing rocks to pass over without dislodging your finds.

The expanded metal is particularly effective at retaining gold within the sluice box.

Designed to be compact and easy to transport, these units are intended to be used with standard plastic tubs.

To complete your setup, you'll need a tub, a 12V lawn mower battery, and a small pail for discarding waste rock. These additional items are commonly available locally and can help reduce shipping costs.

Whether you're prospecting in the desert or alongside your favorite stream, the Mini-Recirculating Gold Highbanker is a game-changer, significantly speeding up the gold recovery process compared to traditional panning or drywashing methods.

The sluice and hopper provide a substantial 42 inches of classifying area, while the dimensions of the box and hopper are 6 inches wide by 21 inches long with 3-inch high sides, and the entire unit weighs only 10 pounds.

The riffles and cage are crafted from lightweight aluminum, which not only makes the highbanker easy to handle but also simplifies the removal of black sand build-up with a magnet.

Newly designed units now come with an integrated spray bar, enhancing the cleaning and separation process.

The sluice and hopper are constructed from a durable .080 gauge 5052 aircraft aluminum, ensuring longevity and resistance to the elements during your gold prospecting adventures.

In summary, the Model #58 Mini-Recirculating Gold Highbanker is a durable, efficient, and portable solution for gold prospectors looking to increase their yield and streamline their search for that elusive precious metal.

Best Le'Trap Highbanker

Le' Trap™ High Banker

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Le' Trap™ High Banker

Introducing the exceptional Le' Trap High Banker Combo, a top-tier prospecting tool that is sure to impress. This comprehensive set includes a robust 1100 GPH Pump, a sturdy Stand, and a durable Hose, providing everything you need for an efficient mining operation.

Crafted with pride in the USA, the Le' Trap High Banker is an authentic product, with GeoSluice holding the exclusive rights to the renowned Le’ Trap Sluice Box. Rest assured, you're getting the genuine article.

Available in both vibrant Blue and Green, this combo is not only functional but also visually appealing.

It comes equipped with a Heavy Duty Stand, the iconic Le’ Trap Sluice Box, a High Banker top with angle support, precision Nozzles, a 1 1/8" Hose, a Water adjuster, and an 1100 GPH Pump that ensures a powerful water flow for your sluicing needs.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your prospecting game. Be among the first to experience the unparalleled performance of the Le' Trap High Banker Combo.

Best Micro Banker

The MICRO Banker - 4" x 16" Ultralight High Banker Kit

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The MICRO Banker - 4" x 16" Ultralight High Banker Kit

Experience the ultimate in lightweight and efficient gold prospecting with the Micro Banker Ultra-Light Kit. Weighing in at under 5 pounds, this backpack trekking unit is a game-changer for adventurers and prospectors alike.

Choose your preferred method of operation with the versatile U-shaped spray bar or dual blast nozzles. The kit is designed for convenience, featuring a 1/2" PVC pipe that easily connects to a 3/4" hose. It's optimized for 500-750 GPH pumps, ensuring effective water flow for your prospecting needs.

Durability meets portability with solid 1/2" aluminum legs, a detachable hopper, and a miners moss splash pad situated beneath the grizzly. This unbeatable combination of quality, weight, and price is second to none.

The included Dream Mat Adventure sluice is engineered for maximum gold recovery, capturing even the finest particles. Plus, it's designed for quick and effortless cleanup, sliding out in seconds.

Why burden yourself with heavy, complex equipment? With the Micro Banker Ultra-Light Kit, you'll barely notice the gear on your hike, allowing you to focus on the beauty of the backcountry and the thrill of the hunt.

Please note that feet and fitting types may vary depending on the supplier, and light hand assembly might be required upon arrival.

Welcome to the pinnacle of real backcountry gear—where efficiency meets exploration.

The Power Source

Gold highbankers come in various configurations, including electric and gas powered. Electric high bankers are typically quieter and can be operated with a battery, making them ideal for areas where you need to be discreet or where gas engines are not allowed.

Gas-powered high bankers offer more power, which can be beneficial when processing larger volumes of material or when using a recirculating power sluice setup.

The choice between electric and gas-powered high bankers often comes down to the available water source and the amount of material you plan to process.

If you have very little water or need to recirculate water from a tub, an electric high banker with a battery might be your best bet.


Portability and Setup

For many prospectors, the ability to easily transport their gold prospecting equipment is crucial. A lightweight, compact high banker can be a game-changer, especially if you're navigating rough terrain or hiking to remote locations.

Some high bankers are even designed to fit into a backpack, making them the perfect companion for adventurous gold seekers.

Setting up your high banker is usually straightforward, with most models coming with clear instructions.

However, it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the setup process before heading out. This ensures that you can get your equipment up and running quickly once you're on site.

Water Flow and Spray Bars

The water pump is the heart of the high banker, providing the necessary water flow to separate gold from other materials.

A reliable pump can make a significant difference in your gold prospecting efforts. Look for pumps that can handle the amount of water you need and have the durability to last through many uses.

Spray bars are another critical component. They help distribute water evenly across the sluice box, ensuring that the material is well-washed and that the gold has the best chance of settling.

Adjustable spray bars are particularly useful, as they allow you to fine-tune the water flow based on the material you're processing.

The Importance of the Sluice Box

The sluice box is where the magic happens in a gold high banker. It's designed to catch gold as the water washes material over its riffles. A well-designed sluice box will have a series of riffles and matting that help to trap fine gold effectively.

Some high bankers also come with a pre-installed classifier screen, which helps to filter out larger rocks and debris before they enter the sluice.

When choosing a high banker, pay attention to the design of the sluice box. It should be long enough to allow for adequate separation and constructed in a way that maximizes gold recovery.


Maintenance and Care

To ensure your gold high banker operates at peak efficiency, regular maintenance is essential. This includes cleaning the sluice box, checking the water pump and hoses for wear, and ensuring that all bolts and fittings are secure.

After each use, take the time to thoroughly clean your equipment to prevent rust and buildup of clay and other materials.

Proper care also involves storing your high banker correctly when it's not in use. Keep it in a dry, sheltered place to protect it from the elements and to prolong its lifespan.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Before making a purchase, it's wise to look at what other customers have to say. Feedback and reviews can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of different high banker models.

Look for patterns in the feedback – if multiple customers mention the same issue or praise a particular feature, it's likely a good indicator of the high banker's performance.

Additionally, consider the manufacturer's reputation and the level of customer service they provide. Good customer support can be invaluable, especially if you encounter any issues with your equipment or need advice on how to use it effectively.


Accessories and Extensions

Many high bankers can be customized with accessories and extensions to enhance their functionality. These might include additional sluice boxes, larger hoppers, or different riffle designs.

Some manufacturers also offer kits that allow you to convert your high banker into a dredge, giving you even more versatility in how you prospect for gold.

When considering accessories, think about your specific needs and the type of gold prospecting you'll be doing. It's also important to ensure that any add-ons are compatible with your high banker model.

Price and Availability

The cost of a gold high banker can vary widely, depending on the size, features, and brand. It's important to balance your budget with the quality and capabilities you need. Remember that a higher price doesn't always guarantee a better product, but it's often reflective of the materials and construction quality.

Availability can also be a factor, especially if you're looking to purchase a high banker from a smaller manufacturer or a custom builder. Be sure to check delivery times and shipping costs, as these can add to the overall investment.

Some Final Thoughts

A gold highbanker is an indispensable tool for serious gold prospectors, enabling them to process more material and increase their chances of finding gold.

When choosing a high banker, consider the quality, power source, portability, and the design of the sluice box. Regular maintenance and the right accessories can further enhance your prospecting experience.

Customer feedback, price, and availability are also important factors to consider before making your purchase.



What is a gold highbanker, and how does it work?

A gold highbanker is a piece of equipment used in gold prospecting. It works by using water to separate gold from other materials like gravel and sand. The highbanker consists of a sluice box mounted on a stand with a water pump. Water is directed through the sluice, which has riffles to catch the gold particles as they settle out of the water flow.

What are the advantages of using a gold highbanker over other methods of gold prospecting?

One advantage of using a gold highbanker is its efficiency in processing large volumes of material. It allows you to process more material in less time compared to methods like panning. Additionally, highbankers can be used in areas where water flow is available but where other equipment like dredges may not be practical or allowed.

Can a gold highbanker be used in all types of water sources?

Gold highbankers are most commonly used in streams, creeks, and rivers where there is a natural flow of water. However, they can also be used in other water sources like ponds or reservoirs as long as there is sufficient water flow to operate the highbanker effectively.

What size of gold highbanker should I choose for my prospecting needs?

The size of the gold highbanker you choose depends on several factors, including the amount of material you plan to process and the portability you require. Smaller highbankers are more portable and easier to transport but may process less material at a time. Larger highbankers can process more material but may be less portable and require more setup time.

Are there any environmental considerations when using a gold highbanker?

Yes, it's important to consider the environmental impact of using a gold highbanker. Always ensure you have the necessary permits or permissions to prospect in a particular area. Additionally, be mindful of any regulations regarding sediment or turbidity in the water, as highbanking can disturb the streambed. Properly dispose of any waste material and avoid using harmful chemicals in the prospecting process.

Can I use a gold highbanker in areas with very little water? 

Yes, some high bankers are designed to recirculate water from a tub, allowing you to prospect in areas with limited water sources.

How important is the pump in a gold highbanker setup? 

The pump is crucial as it provides the water flow necessary for separating gold from other materials. A reliable pump ensures consistent water flow and can handle the volume of material you're processing.

Are there portable highbankers or power sluices available for remote gold prospecting trips?

Yes, there are lightweight and compact high bankers that are designed for easy transport, some of which can even fit into a backpack for prospecting in remote locations.

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