Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the essential features and benefits of using a gold trommel wash plant.
  • Discover the importance of size, drive system, and durability in gold recovery operations.
  • Learn how to compare different gold trommel models and brands for your specific needs.

Gold mining is an industry that never loses its luster, and at the heart of many operations is the gold trommel, a pivotal piece of equipment for efficient gold recovery.

In this review, we'll delve into what makes a gold trommel tick, the various features to look for, and how to ensure you're getting the best unit for your mining endeavors.

The Heart of Gold Recovery: The Gold Trommel Wash Plant

A gold trommel wash plant is the starting line for a race towards high-yield gold recovery.

This heavy-duty piece of equipment is designed to process large volumes of material, classifying and refining it down to concentrates that can be further processed to extract precious gold.

The trommel's rotating drum is the core component that performs this vital task, with spray bars and a robust drive system working in unison to ensure efficiency.

Best Small Trommel Combo Kit

Mountain Goat Trommel + Desert Fox (w/Speed Control) Combo Kit

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Mountain Goat Trommel + Desert Fox (w/Speed Control) Combo Kit

Enhance your gold processing efficiency and boost your gold recovery with the compact and mobile Mountain Goat Gold Trommel.

This innovative trommel features a reverse helix system, designed on the same foundational principle as the large-scale mining trommels utilized by major mining corporations.

When paired with the Desert Fox Automatic gold panning machine, you have the potential to recover up to fifty times more gold, significantly elevating your prospecting results.

Best Reverse Helix Trommel

Mountain Goat Reverse Helix Trommel - Mini Gold Processing Plant

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Mountain Goat Reverse Helix Trommel - Mini Gold Processing Plant

Enhance your gold recovery efficiency and expedite your gold processing tasks with the Mountain Goat Trommel. This ingeniously designed machine is aptly named for its ability to consume a wide range of materials and its portability, allowing it to be easily transported up a mountain if necessary.

The Mountain Goat Trommel operates on a reverse helix system, a concept inspired by the Archimedes Screw Pump, which dates back over two millennia to the innovations of the Greek mathematician Archimedes.

This design was historically noted for inadvertently elevating gold with water from the Nile River.

The Mountain Goat Trommel is not just another gravel pit trommel intended for classifying gravels; it's a sophisticated piece of equipment based on the same principles as the large mining trommels utilized by major mining corporations globally, yet it remains lightweight and portable.

Its efficiency stems from the spiral riffles within the tube that separate heavier materials, directing them towards the higher end, while lighter materials are expelled as tailings.

This feature ensures the trommel is self-cleaning, thus eliminating the downtime typically required for clean-up when using sluice box type equipment.

For optimal performance, we recommend that your placer material be screened to 1 inch or smaller, although the trommel can accommodate rocks up to 1 inch in diameter.

Additionally, it includes a nugget trap at the lower end of the tube, which should be periodically inspected for nuggets that exceed 1 inch.

The trommel's front legs are adjustable to modify the pitch, but our testing indicates that the factory settings—front legs approximately 1 inch longer than the back legs—yield the best results for capturing fine or flour gold.

When a wetting agent like Jet Dry is incorporated into the system, tests have shown a minimal loss of fine gold at this setting.

The Mountain Goat Trommel is versatile, capable of being used in a large tray, such as a mortar mixing tub, with approximately 5 gallons of water that can be recirculated by a 750-gallon per hour pump.

It's also suitable for direct use in a stream. When paired with the Desert Fox Spiral Panning Machine, the trommel becomes an efficient one-man small mining operation, thanks to custom-designed accessories that allow for direct feeding into the Desert Fox.

Mountain Goat Trommel Specifications:

  • Height: 24 inches
  • Width: 16 inches
  • Length: 32 inches
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Barrel Diameter: 4 inches
  • Power Requirement: 12VDC 17AH
  • Water Requirement: 5 gallons
  • Pump Capacity: 750 Gph
  • Material Capacity: 2 Yards per Day

Best Mid Size Trommel Kit

Gold Cube Trommel with Junior Snuffer Bottle, 1-oz Glass Vial, Magnetic Separator, and Green Treasure Scoop

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Gold Cube Trommel with Junior Snuffer Bottle, 1-oz Glass Vial, Magnetic Separator, and Green Treasure Scoop

High Plains is excited to present a special offer with your purchase: a complimentary set of prospecting accessories to enhance your treasure-hunting experience. This exclusive bundle includes:

  • Junior Snuffer Bottle: A handy tool for extracting small gold particles with ease.
  • 1-oz Glass Vial: Perfect for securely storing and showcasing your precious finds.
  • Green Treasure Scoop: An essential for sifting and separating soil to reveal hidden gems.
  • 4-3/8 Inch 8-Pound Magnetic Separator Pick Up with Quick Release: Streamline your search with this powerful tool, designed to pick up and release metal objects effortlessly.

Additionally, we are proud to introduce the innovative Gold Cube Trommel. This robust machine is engineered to outperform and outlast, providing you with endless opportunities to discover gold.

The trommel is now even more user-friendly with its spray bar conveniently located on the exterior.

Features of the Gold Cube Trommel:

  • External Spray Bar: The new design positions the spray bar outside the barrel for easier access and maintenance.
  • Powerful 12 Volt Motor: Built for continuous operation, this motor won't quit on you.
  • Energy Efficient: Consuming only 1.7 amps, the trommel is designed for maximum efficiency.
  • Fully Adjustable: Customize the trommel to suit your specific needs.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with all necessary hardware and a template. Simply drill four holes to get started.

Embrace the durability of our trommel and let the rewards of your perseverance be plentiful!

Best Gold Trommel And Concentrator

Mini Gold Claimer Gold Trommel and Concentrator

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Mini Gold Claimer Gold Trommel And Concentrator

Are you interested in gold mining but deterred by the high costs and bulky equipment? Discover the innovative "Mini Gold Claimer," a compact powerhouse weighing a mere 81 pounds and designed at half the scale of our African Model Gold Claimer.

Capable of processing up to 425 pounds of material per hour, this unit is perfect for those looking to start their gold mining adventure. Reach out to me today to secure your own Mini Gold Claimer!

Drawing inspiration from our full-size African Model Gold Claimer, the Mini Gold Claimer boasts a 1/4 scale design. This efficient unit can handle up to 425 pounds of bank run material per hour.

It is equipped with a 12-Volt motor system and a 12-Volt Water Pump, and can also be connected to a standard garden hose.

The sluice measures 6 inches in width and 20 inches in length, featuring the same oscillation as its larger counterpart. Additionally, the trommel includes a spray bar for enhanced processing.

The Mini Gold Claimer's dimensions are 30 inches in length, 18 inches in height, and 14 inches in width, making it easy to transport and set up.

Not only is it ideal for laboratory testing, but it's also perfect for hobbyists looking to involve the whole family in a fun and rewarding activity.

Proudly made in the USA, the Mini Gold Claimer is your gateway to efficient and enjoyable gold prospecting. Don't miss out on this opportunity—contact me today to learn more!

Best Buy

American Buffalo Reverse Helix Trommel

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American Buffalo Reverse Helix Trommel

Transform your solo mining endeavors with the American Buffalo, a fusion of our acclaimed Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine and the high-capacity Mountain Goat Reverse Helix Trommel.

This comprehensive mining station efficiently transitions raw material to gleaming gold in a seamless, single-step process.

How the American Buffalo Works:

  1. Initial Washing: Add material to the hopper, where it is first washed.
  2. Reverse Helix Processing: The washed material descends into the Reverse Helix barrel (33 inches long and 7 inches wide), featuring a 45-foot Reverse Helix Screw, ensuring ample processing time for maximum gold capture.
  3. Continuous Slurry Washing: A full-length spray bar maintains the material in a slurry state, allowing lighter particles to exit through the waste bucket, while heavier material adheres to the helix screw's grooves, advancing to the barrel's front.
  4. Spiral Wheel Separation: Heavier material then falls into a 12″ Desert Fox Spiral wheel, where it undergoes a final wash, separating gold from black sand and other residues, moving the gold up the riffles into the collection cup.

Features & Benefits:

  • All-in-One Solution: From ground to vial, this unit has everything you need.
  • Power Flexibility: Operates on 12v DC power for field use, with optional AC Power Supply units for home or generator use.
  • Ease of Use: A single power switch initiates the operation.
  • Efficient Material Handling: A hopper allows direct ground-to-machine material transfer.
  • Optimized Gold Recovery: The Reverse Helix barrel's design and full-length spray bar ensure exceptional recovery rates.
  • Integrated Gold Panning: The Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine is seamlessly incorporated, receiving concentrates directly from the trommel barrel.
  • Adjustable Processing: The spiral wheel's angle can be tailored to the material, generally starting at 45 degrees.
  • High Processing Rate: Field tests show the American Buffalo processes approximately 1,000 pounds of material per hour, boosting prospecting efficiency.

What’s Included:

  • The American Buffalo Mining Machine
  • Large Capacity Trommel
  • Desert Fox 12″ Spiral Wheel & Motor Assembly
  • Water Tub: 35-gallon capacity (47″ L x 24″ W x 12″ D) with a 3.5″ riser to separate waste from the pump.
  • Pumps: 1000 GPH Main Pump for the Trommel and 500 GPH Secondary Pump for the Desert Fox.
  • Trommel Tailings Bucket: Collects waste from the trommel process.
  • Desert Fox Tailings Tub: Collects waste from the spiral wheel panning process.
  • Gold Cup: Captures the gold from the Desert Fox.
  • American Buffalo User Manual: Guides you through the setup and operation.

Elevate your prospecting with the American Buffalo Reverse Helix Trommel, where efficiency meets simplicity in gold mining.

Size Matters: Trommel Dimensions

When it comes to gold trommels, size does matter. The diameter and length of the trommel dictate the volume of material that can be processed per hour. A larger trommel can handle more material, increasing the potential for gold recovery.

However, it's crucial to balance size with the portability needs of your operation, especially if you need to move the unit frequently.

The Drive to Succeed: Trommel Drive Systems

The drive system of a gold trommel is what powers the rotation of the drum. This system needs to be both powerful and reliable. Many trommels come equipped with a diesel engine, which provides the necessary torque for heavy-duty operations.

The setup of the drive system can vary between models, so it's important to choose one that fits the specific requirements of your mining site.

Gold Trommel

Durability in Design: Heavy-Duty Construction

Gold trommels are built to withstand the rigors of the mining environment. Heavy-duty construction is not just a selling point; it's a necessity.

The frame, hopper, and overall structure must be robust enough to handle the constant abrasion and weight of the material being processed. This durability ensures that the trommel will last through countless hours of operation.

Spray Bars: The Unsung Heroes of Gold Trommels

Spray bars play a pivotal role in the gold trommel's function. They help to break down and wash the raw material, aiding in the separation process.

The water pressure and placement of these spray bars can greatly affect the trommel's efficiency, so it's important to look for a model that includes well-designed spray bars that fit the specific needs of your operation.

Comparing Brands: Not All Trommels Are Created Equal

When shopping for a gold trommel, you'll encounter various brands and models, each with its own set of features and price points. It's essential to compare these options carefully, considering factors such as the unit's capacity, the quality of the drive system, and the durability of the construction.

Don't hesitate to request information from manufacturers or to seek out reviews from other users.

Customization: Tailoring to Your Needs

Every mining operation is unique, and sometimes a standard trommel won't fit the bill. This is where custom options come into play.

Some manufacturers offer the ability to customize the trommel to your specific requirements, whether it's adjusting the length, adding a larger hopper, or incorporating a more powerful scrubber. Custom solutions can be the perfect fit for specialized mining operations.

Gold Trommel

Portability: Taking Your Gold Trommel on the Road

For many miners, the ability to easily relocate equipment is crucial. A portable gold trommel can be the end-all solution for those who need to move their operation to where the gold is.

Look for a unit that is easy to transport, with a setup that can be completed in minutes, not hours. The perfect portable trommel combines lightweight design with uncompromised functionality.

The Price of Gold: Trommel Costs and Investments

Investing in a gold trommel is a significant financial decision. The price of a unit can vary widely based on size, features, and brand. It's important to consider not only the initial cost but also the long-term operational expenses.

A cheaper model may save money upfront but could lead to higher maintenance costs and less efficient gold recovery over time.

The Process: How a Gold Trommel Works

Understanding the process behind a gold trommel can help you appreciate the importance of various features. Material is fed into the hopper, where it enters the rotating drum.

The drum's interior includes a series of screens or bars that classify the material by size, allowing finer material to fall through while larger pieces are ejected at the end.

Gold Trommel

Features to Look For: Essential Trommel Characteristics

When evaluating gold trommels, certain features should be at the top of your list. These include a robust scrubber section for breaking up clays, a high-capacity hopper for efficient material feeding, and a well-designed drive system that ensures consistent operation.

Additionally, consider the ease of access for maintenance and the availability of replacement parts.

The Gold Trommel in Action: Case Studies

Practical examples can illustrate the effectiveness of a good gold trommel. Case studies from successful mining operations often highlight the importance of a well-chosen trommel in maximizing gold recovery.

These real-world scenarios can provide valuable insights into the best practices for trommel selection and operation.

Some Final Thoughts

Gold trommels are the backbone of efficient gold recovery operations. The right trommel can make a significant difference in the amount of gold you're able to extract from your mining efforts.

When choosing a trommel, consider the size, drive system, durability, spray bars, and whether a portable or custom unit would best suit your needs.

Remember to compare different brands and models, and don't shy away from investing in a quality machine that will pay dividends in gold recovered and time saved.

FAQ Section

Q: What is the main purpose of a gold trommel wash plant? A: The main purpose of a gold trommel wash plant is to process and classify large volumes of material, separating the finer gold-bearing dirt from larger rocks and debris, and preparing it for further gold recovery processes.

Q: How important is the size of a gold trommel? A: The size of a gold trommel is crucial as it affects the amount of material that can be processed per hour. A larger trommel can handle more material, which can lead to increased gold recovery, but it's important to balance size with the need for portability.

Q: Can I customize a gold trommel to fit my specific mining needs? A: Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for gold trommels. You can request adjustments to the length, hopper size, scrubber power, and other features to tailor the trommel to your specific mining requirements.

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