Metal detecting is a hobby that combines the thrill of treasure hunting with the satisfaction of unearthing hidden gems from the ground. Whether you're a seasoned prospector or a beginner eager to explore your backyard, a metal detector pinpointer is an indispensable tool that can elevate your search to new levels of efficiency and fun.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of metal detector pinpointers, exploring their great features, practical uses, and how they can save you time and money while hunting for treasures.

What is a Metal Detector Pinpointer?

A metal detector pinpointer is a portable, handheld tool that narrows the detection field to pinpoint the exact location of metal objects in the ground. Unlike larger metal detectors, pinpointers are designed for precise pinpointing, allowing users to locate items quickly without extensive digging.

They are often equipped with features like an LED light, audio alerts, and vibration to aid in the search, especially in low-light conditions or noisy environments.

How We Choose

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Best Garrett Pinpointer

Garrett Pro Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointer

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Garrett Pro Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointer

Why We Love It

Introducing the Garrett Pro Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointer - your ultimate tool for underwater treasure hunting. With its bright orange color, this pinpointer ensures high visibility even in the depths of up to 20 feet.

Experience maximum sensitivity with improved detection capabilities for finding nuggets and small targets. Choose from three sensitivity levels to suit your needs.

With the fast retune feature, you can instantly tune out any environmental interference or narrow down the detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets.

But that's not all! The Pro Pointer AT offers a range of useful functions. It has an automatic power-off feature that saves battery life after 60 minutes of warning chirps. The lost pro-pointer alarm emits periodic warning chirps if there are no button presses for 5 minutes.

This pinpointer is designed for easy operation with a single-button interface, allowing you to control power, retuning, sensitivity adjustment, and stealth mode effortlessly - even while wearing gloves.

For added convenience, there's a ruler molded into the side to help gauge target depth in both inches and centimeters. Plus, there's a lanyard attachment loop so you can keep it securely by your side during your underwater adventures.

Upgrade your treasure-hunting game with the Garrett Pro Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointer - the ultimate companion for detecting precious finds underwater.

Best Nokta Pinpointer

Nokta AccuPOINT Pinpointer Metal Detectors

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Nokta AccuPOINT Pinpointer Metal Detectors

Why We Love It

Introducing the Nokta AccuPOINT Pinpointer Metal Detector - the ultimate tool for detecting treasure. Designed with exclusive technology, this state-of-the-art detector offers a seamless experience with its intuitive menu navigation and vibrant color display.

Whether you're a seasoned detectorist or just starting out, the AccuPOINT gives you unmatched precision and confidence.

Key Features:

  • Vivid Color LCD Screen: Get all the essential information at a glance on the high-resolution color LCD screen.
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity: Pair with Nokta BT Headphones or any low-latency Bluetooth® headphones for wireless, lag-free audio.
  • Advanced Discrimination: Identify valuable treasures and filter out unwanted items using our Ferrous / Non-Ferrous tones.
  • IP68 Waterproof: Dive up to 10ft (3m) with confidence as this pinpointer is fully waterproof.
  • One-Button Easy Operation: Simply turn it on and go with the user-friendly interface.
  • Volume Control: Adjust the sound level to your preference.
  • Adjustable Backlight: Customize the backlight brightness for optimal visibility.
  • Frequency Shift: Prevent interference when operating near other detectors.
  • Lost Alarm: Never leave your pinpoint behind with the audible alarm and flashing LED after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Experience detecting like never before with the Nokta AccuPOINT Pinpointer Metal Detector.

Best Minelab Pinpointer

Minelab Pro-Find 40 Waterproof Pinpointer 3226-0005

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Minelab Pro-Find 40 Waterproof Pinpointer 3226-0005

Why We Love It

Experience detecting like never before with the Nokta AccuPOINT Pinpointer Metal Detector.

Introducing the Minelab Pro-Find 40 Waterproof Pinpointer 3226-0005! Designed for the complete detectorist, this pinpointer is packed with features that will take your treasure hunting to the next level.

With increased depth, adjustable sensitivity, and a rapid re-tune function, you can precisely discover coins, rings, and gold on both land and underwater. The PRO-FIND 40 offers 10% more depth than its predecessor, the PRO-FIND 35.

Not only does it provide accurate pinpointing with improved stability, but it also comes with adjustable sensitivity levels to suit your detecting needs. Plus, its bright red body and built-in lost alarm make it easy to locate.

Say goodbye to sorting trash from treasure. The ferrous tone ID helps you differentiate valuable finds from unwanted items.

Rest assured that your PF 40 will arrive safely and securely. We seal them at the factory and ship them in sturdy plain brown outer boxes.

Upgrade your treasure hunting game with the Minelab Pro-Find 40 Waterproof Pinpointer 3226-0005!

Best Teknetics Pinpointer

Teknetics Tek-Point pinpointer

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Teknetics Tek-Point pinpointer

Why We Love It

Introducing the Teknetics Tek-Point Pinpointer - your ultimate tool for precisely locating buried metal objects in various terrains. This fully waterproof pinpointer can even be submerged up to 6 feet and works flawlessly in both salt and fresh water.

Key Features:

  • Pulse Induction technology
  • Choose between beep, vibrate, or both for alerts
  • Lost mode alarm to prevent misplacement
  • Easy single button operation
  • 3 sensitivity levels for accurate detection
  • Proportional response for precise targeting
  • Retune function for fine-tuning signals
  • Adjustable LED light for visibility in low-light conditions
  • Auto shutdown feature to conserve battery life
  • Belt holster included for convenient carrying
  • Powered by 2-AA batteries (not included)
  • Backed by a reliable 2-year warranty
  • Constructed from special abrasion-resistant materials, ensuring durability

Get ready to take your metal detecting adventures to the next level with the Teknetics Tek-Point Pinpointer. Don't miss out on this essential tool that outshines others with its exceptional performance and longevity.

Best Waterproof Nokta Pinpointer

Nokta Makro Pointer - Waterproof

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Nokta Makro Pointer - Waterproof

Why We Love It

Introducing the Nokta Makro Pointer - Waterproof, a perfect blend of exceptional design and precision. Whether you're exploring on land or diving underwater, this pointer is built to withstand any environment with its excellent waterproof capabilities, meeting the IP67 rating.

Finding your target has never been easier. This pointer enables quick and effortless target locating in holes, while its horizontal flip feature allows for scanning larger areas.

Worried about low-light conditions? Don't be! The powerful built-in LED flashlight ensures clear visibility even during nighttime hunts or in dark places.

To suit your preferences, the Nokta Makro Pointer offers three different target alert options: audio only, vibration only, or both audio and vibration alerts.

It also comes with essential accessories like two hard shell cases (one with a scraping blade), a belt holster, a finds bag, and a 9V battery.

Experience the ultimate convenience and reliability with the Nokta Makro Pointer - Waterproof.

The Advantages of Using a Pinpointer

Using a metal detector pinpointer saves time and effort during your hunt. Once a larger target is detected by your regular metal detector, the pinpointer can be used to home in on the exact spot, reducing the amount of soil you need to sift through.

This not only speeds up the recovery process but also minimizes the disturbance to the ground, preserving the condition of the site and the items found.

The Garrett Pro Pointer, particularly the Pro Pointer AT Waterproof model, is a favorite among enthusiasts. Its fully waterproof design allows for searching in wet conditions, and the woven belt holster ensures it's always within reach.

The Pro Pointer AT's quick button press for fast retune enhances its accuracy, and the orange color makes it highly visible, reducing the chances of leaving it behind after a long day of searching.

Metal Detector Pinpointer

Improved Detection with the Right Pinpointer

An improved detection experience is guaranteed with a quality pinpointer. Features like adjustable sensitivity, a v battery for extended battery life, and a pinpointing finder probe contribute to more treasure found with less effort.

The precise nature of these tools means that you can locate even the smallest coins, gold nuggets, or relics with ease.

The Fully Waterproof Pinpointer: A Must-Have

For those who venture into streams, lakes, or beach detecting, a fully waterproof pinpointer is essential. It allows you to search in all types of soil and water without fear of damaging your equipment.

The peace of mind that comes with a durable, waterproof design adds to the enjoyment and longevity of your metal detecting adventures.

Features to Look for in a Pinpointer

When shopping for a metal detector pinpointer, consider features like the pro pointer alarm, which alerts you if you leave your tool behind, or the LED light that illuminates the search area.

The total price of the pinpointer should reflect its features, such as the stock quantity of accessories included, like a woven belt holster or additional protective covers.

Metal Detector Pinpointer

The Significance of a Narrow Detection Field

When it comes to metal detecting, the ability to narrow down your search area can mean the difference between finding a relic and missing it entirely.

A pinpointer with a narrow detection field allows you to hone in on your target with precision. Imagine you're in a field scattered with various metals; a broad detection field might lead you to dig up numerous false positives.

However, a pinpointer that narrows the detection field focuses your search, saving you time and energy. This specificity is particularly useful in tight spaces or when searching for small items like coins or jewelry.

Moreover, pinpointers designed to narrow the detection field often come with adjustable sensitivity. This feature lets you tweak the detection power to suit the environment you're in. Whether you're dealing with highly mineralized soil or trying to avoid junk metal, the ability to adjust the sensitivity of your pinpointer's tip is invaluable.

Pinpointer Modes and Tips for Optimal Use

Understanding the various modes available on your pinpointer can greatly enhance your metal detecting experience. Many models come with different modes that can change the way the device behaves.

For instance, some pinpointers have a vibration mode for silent searching, while others might have an audio mode to signal when you're close to your target. It's essential to review the details of these modes and practice using them to become proficient in their application.

By mastering the modes, you can adapt to any situation, whether you're underwater with a waterproof pinpointer or in a noisy park.

In addition to modes, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your pinpointer. Always ensure that the body of the device is clean to maintain its sensitivity. Check the power before heading out, as a low battery can affect performance.

When using your pinpointer, start by scanning in a side-to-side motion to get a general idea of where the target is, then use the tip to pinpoint its exact location. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don't hesitate to spend time in your backyard or a local park honing your skills before heading out on a serious hunt.

Metal Detector Pinpointer

Enhancing Your Metal Detecting with a Pinpointer

A pinpointer can significantly enhance your metal detecting experience. It allows for more accurate searching, which is particularly useful in areas with lots of trash or where larger targets are not expected.

The pinpointing finder probe is designed to be inserted into the ground or soil, providing a precise location that saves you from unnecessary digging.

Pinpointer Accessories: Boosting Performance

Accessories can boost the performance and convenience of your pinpointer. From protective covers that extend the tool's durability to additional search modes that help in different ground conditions, the right accessories can make your metal detecting more effective.

Life in Pinpointers

Battery life is a critical aspect of any portable device, and metal detector pinpointers are no exception.

A long-lasting v battery ensures that you can spend more time searching and less time recharging. Some models even feature a battery life indicator, so you're never caught off guard during a hunt.

Pinpointers for Everyone: Kids to Experts

Metal detector pinpointers are not just for experts; they're also a fantastic tool for kids and beginners. The simplicity of a quick button press to locate an item makes it a fun and accessible tool for all ages.

Whether it's a treasure hunt in the backyard or a more serious archaeological dig, a pinpointer can add excitement and success to any search.

Metal Detector Pinpointer

The Thrill of the Hunt: Pinpointers in Action

The real thrill of metal detecting comes from the hunt itself. With a pinpointer, the excitement is heightened as you zero in on treasures hidden beneath the surface. The audio and vibration alerts add to the anticipation, signaling that you're close to a find.

Some Final Thoughts

Metal detector pinpointers are a game-changer in the world of treasure hunting. They offer precise pinpointing, improved detection, and a range of features that cater to both beginners and seasoned hunters.

From the fully waterproof Garrett Pro Pointer to models with extended battery life and great accessories, there's a pinpointer out there to suit every need and budget.

By incorporating a pinpointer into your metal detecting toolkit, you're bound to uncover more treasures with greater speed and accuracy, making every hunt a memorable adventure.


What is the main purpose of a metal detector pinpointer? 

The main purpose of a metal detector pinpointer is to provide precise location of metal objects in the ground, narrowing the search area and saving time by minimizing unnecessary digging.

Can pinpointers be used underwater? 

Yes, fully waterproof pinpointers like the Garrett Pro Pointer AT can be used underwater, making them ideal for searches in rivers, lakes, and beach environments.

Are metal detector pinpointers suitable for children or beginners? 

Absolutely, metal detector pinpointers are user-friendly and can be a fun tool for children and beginners to enjoy the excitement of treasure hunting with ease and accuracy.

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