Metal detecting is a fascinating hobby and profession that combines the thrill of discovery with the love of history and outdoor adventure. Fisher metal detectors are at the forefront of this activity, offering technology and features that cater to both amateur and professional treasure hunters.

In this article, we'll delve into the world of Fisher metal detectors, exploring their capabilities, innovations, and why they are a top choice for anyone interested in metal detection.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fisher metal detectors are renowned for their precision, ease of use, and advanced technology.
  • They cater to a wide range of applications, from finding gold nuggets to locating buried utilities.
  • Fisher Research Labs continues to innovate, providing equipment that operates on single or multiple frequencies for optimal detection.

The Legacy of Fisher Research Labs

Fisher Research Labs has been a pioneer in the field of metal detection since the early 1930s. The brand has built a reputation for creating some of the most reliable and advanced underground locating equipment available.

Their metal detectors are designed with both the casual hobbyist and the dedicated treasure hunter in mind, ensuring that regardless of your level of experience, you have access to top-notch technology.

Advanced Technology for All Terrains

Whether you're combing the beach for coins or searching for gold nuggets in rugged terrain, Fisher metal detectors are equipped to handle a variety of environments.

Their detectors use single or multiple frequencies to maintain high sensitivity to metal objects while discriminating against unwanted materials. This technology allows individuals to find treasures hidden beneath sand, soil, and even underwater, making Fisher a versatile choice for all your detecting needs.

Best Entry Level Detector

Fisher F44 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Extra Free Gear

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Fisher F44 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Extra Free Gear

Key Features:

  • Weatherproof Design: Ready for any weather conditions, enhancing your treasure hunting experience.
  • Battery Efficiency: Operates on just 2 AA Batteries with an impressive life of 25-30 hours.
  • Fe-Tone® Adjustable Iron Audio: Customize the detector's audio feedback for iron targets.
  • Ground Grab® Computerized Ground Balancing: Automatically adjusts for mineralization in the soil.
  • Manual Ground Balance: Fine-tune the detector's sensitivity to the ground's unique properties.
  • Visual and Numeric Target Identification:
    • 9-Segment Visual Target-ID for quick object identification.
    • Large 2-Digit, 1-99 Numeric Target-ID for precise target information.
    • Iron Identifier Icon to help avoid unwanted items.
  • Backlight Feature: Enhances display visibility in low light conditions.
  • Versatile Operation Modes:
    • COIN
    • CUSTOM
  • Pinpoint Function: For precise location of detected objects.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Volume:
    • 20 Levels of Sensitivity adjustment.
    • 20 Levels of Volume control.
  • 4-Tone Audio-ID: Different audio tones for different types of metal.
  • Memory Feature: Non-Volatile memory saves settings even when turned off.
  • Searchcoil: 11-Inch Concentric Elliptical Waterproof coil for extensive coverage.
  • Lightweight: At only 2.3 lbs., it's designed for comfortable, extended use.
  • Operating Frequency: 7.69 kHz, suitable for a wide range of metal-detecting activities.
  • User Manual: Easily accessible for download to get you started quickly.
  • Inclement Weather Hunting: Don't let the rain stop your search.
  • Beach Hunting: Perfect for discovering treasures hidden in the sand.
  • Coin Shooting: Specialized for finding old and new coins.
  • Jewelry Hunting: Find lost valuables such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Relic Hunting: Uncover historical artifacts with precision.

The Fisher F44 metal detector is engineered for versatility and performance, ensuring that whether you're facing the elements or combing the beach, you're equipped with a reliable tool for all your metal-detecting needs.

Best Fisher Entry Level Gold Detector

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

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Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector


  • Threshold and Gain Adjustments: Fine-tune your detector's sensitivity for optimal performance.
  • Headphone Jacks: Equipped with both 1/4 and 1/8 inch jacks for private listening.
  • Power Supply: Operates on a single 9V battery for convenience.
  • Lightweight Design: Boasts the best ergonomics in the industry, making it easy to handle.
  • Dual Search Modes: Choose between All-Metal mode for maximum depth or Discriminate mode for filtering unwanted targets.
  • Large LCD Screen: Features a 0-99 numeric target identification display for accurate readings.
  • Audible Alerts: A large target alert sound notifies you of potential finds.
  • Depth Readout: Keep track of how deep your targets are with a clear depth indicator.
  • Signal Strength Indicator: A running signal strength meter helps gauge the distance to the target.
  • No-Motion Pinpoint: Allows for precise locating of objects without movement.
  • Computer Assisted Ground Grab: Automatically calibrates to the ground's mineral content for improved accuracy.
  • Continuous Ground Readouts: Monitors both the ground phase and mineralization in real-time.
  • Enhanced Audio: 2-tone audio system for improved detection sensitivity.
  • Gold Nugget Prospecting: Ideal for those seeking to find natural gold nuggets.

Best Top End Fisher Gold Detector

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Nugget Hunter Metal Detector 10" Coil Bundle with Scoop, Holster, 2" Loupe, T2 Scale and Large Finds Pouch

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Fisher Gold Bug 2 Nugget Hunter Metal Detector 10" Coil Bundle with Scoop, Holster, 2" Loupe, T2 Scale and Large Finds Pouch

The Ultimate in Gold Detection

  • Unmatched Sensitivity: Captures the smallest gold nuggets with unparalleled precision.
  • Advanced Ground Balance: Dual-control system to navigate mineralized soil.
  • Iron Disc Mode: Discriminates against iron and hot rock interference.
  • Audio Boost: Amplifies signals from deep or small targets for clear detection.
  • Lightweight Design: Easy to carry and can be hip-mounted for convenience.
  • High-Performance Coil: 10” elliptical search coil for broad and accurate scanning.
  • High Frequency: Operates at 71 kHz, ideal for gold nugget hunting.

Exclusive Offer from High Plains

Purchase a Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector and receive these complimentary items:

  • Durable Scoop: Reinforced plastic, available in blue, green, and black, to sift and find nuggets.
  • Finds Pouch: Black, 10" with a 48-inch belt, zipper pouch, and loops for additional attachments.
  • Magnifying Loupe: 2-inch tool for detailed examination of potential finds.
  • Precision Scale: Triton T2 for accurate measurement of your treasures.
  • Nylon Holster: For convenient carrying and protection of your detector.

Enhanced Features of the Fisher Gold Bug-2

  • High-Frequency Operation: 71kHz for extreme sensitivity to the tiniest nuggets.
  • Iron Discrimination: "IRON DISC" mode to eliminate unwanted metallic items.
  • Environmental Resistance: Designed to withstand dust and moisture.
  • Versatile Mounting: Can be converted for hip or chest mounting.
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 2.9 lbs for prolonged, comfortable use.
  • Precision Electronics: Quartz-crystal locked for accuracy.
  • Battery Efficiency: Uses just two 9-V batteries with easy insertion.
  • Adjustable Ground Control: Coarse and fine tuning for optimal performance.
  • Additional Coil Options: Choose from 6.5", 10", or 14" coils for customized use.

Advanced Indicators and Settings

  • Depth Indicator: Know how deep to dig for detected items.
  • Ground Reject Setting: Customize detection to soil conditions.
  • Operating Mode Indicator: Easily switch between detection modes.
  • Mineralization Indicator: Monitor soil mineralization levels.
  • Backlight Indicator: For low-light conditions.
  • Battery Status: Stay informed on power levels.
  • Ground Reject Bar: Visual representation of ground rejection levels.

Durable and User-Friendly Construction

  • Weather-Resistant Control Box: Keeps the electronics safe from environmental elements.
  • Removable Control Housing: For flexible mounting options and reduced fatigue.
  • Comfort Features: Cushioned armrest and foam-grip handle with a built-in stand.
  • Manual Ground Adjustment: Intuitive control with a digital read-out.
  • Reinforced Stem: Double locking, fiberglass reinforced, nylon lower stem for stability.
  • Quartz Crystal Electronics: Ensures consistent performance.

Backed by Fisher's 5-Year Warranty, the Fisher Gold Bug-2 is a top-tier metal detector for serious gold prospectors seeking the highest sensitivity and advanced features on the market.

Best Top End Fisher Detector

Fisher CZ-21 Quick Silver w/ 8"

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Fisher CZ-21 Quick Silver w/ 8"

Versatile and Robust: The CZ-21 Quick Silver is engineered to excel in various environments. Whether you're exploring dry land, braving the salty shores, or diving into fresh water, this detector is your reliable partner for treasure hunting.

Advanced Technology:

  • Submersible Excellence: Dive into your adventures with confidence as the CZ-21 is waterproof up to 250 feet.
  • Dual Frequency Analysis: Harness the power of Fourier Domain Signal Analysis with dual operating frequencies of 5 and 15 kHz.
  • Precision at Your Fingertips: The Touch-Button VCO and no-motion-required pinpointing ensure you never miss a find.
  • Manual Ground Balance: Easily adjust to varying soil conditions for uninterrupted performance.
  • Superior Mineral Handling: Tackle high mineralization with the high-performance design.
  • All-Metal Auto-Tune Mode: Streamline your search with a mode that's ready for any challenge.
  • Audio Feedback: Benefit from a Large Target Alert and a Faint Target Audio Boost to never overlook a discovery.
  • 3-Tone Audio Target ID: Identify targets quickly with distinct audio signals.

User-Friendly Design:

  • Removable Control Housing: Opt for a belt mount with the detachable control housing for ease of use.
  • 8” Search Coil: The perfect balance of size and sensitivity to detect various targets.

Ideal for:

  • Beach Hunting
  • Shallow Water Searches
  • Lake/Surf Exploration
  • Diving Adventures

Discover the unseen with the CZ-21 Quick Silver – your premium choice for underwater detection.

Fisher Metal Detectors

Precision in Metal Detection

Fisher metal detectors are celebrated for their precision. The presence of digital and analog interfaces on their devices makes it easier for users to identify and differentiate between valuable items and common metal trash.

This precision saves time and increases the efficiency of treasure hunts, allowing you to focus on the real finds.

Designed for the Treasure Hunters

Treasure hunters require equipment that is fast, reliable, and ready for the field. Fisher metal detectors are built to meet these needs, with ergonomic designs that provide comfort during long hours of searching.

The coils on these detectors are engineered to penetrate deep into the ground, ensuring that no treasure goes undiscovered.

Diving into Underwater Detection

For those who love diving into the depths in search of sunken treasures, Fisher offers waterproof metal detectors specifically designed for underwater use.

These devices maintain high sensitivity to metal objects while navigating through challenging aquatic environments, making them an ideal choice for both amateur and professional divers.

Fisher Metal Detectors

Security and Safety Applications

Beyond treasure hunting, Fisher metal detectors serve an important role in security. Their handheld devices are used in various security checkpoints to ensure the safety of individuals by detecting concealed metal objects.

The innovation and reliability of Fisher equipment make it a trusted name in security sectors worldwide.

Maintaining High Sensitivity

One of the key features of Fisher metal detectors is their ability to maintain high sensitivity over time.

This is crucial for detecting small or deeply buried objects. Fisher's commitment to innovation ensures that their detectors remain sensitive and accurate, providing users with the best possible chance of finding what lies beneath.

The Future of Fisher Metal Detectors

Looking ahead, Fisher Research Labs continues to push the boundaries of metal detection technology.

With a focus on innovation, they are constantly developing new ways to improve the detecting experience, whether it's through enhanced coil designs or the integration of smart technology for more intuitive searching.

Fisher Metal Detectors

Some Final Thoughts

Fisher metal detectors stand out in the world of underground locating equipment for their precision, versatility, and advanced technology.

From treasure hunters to security professionals, Fisher provides reliable tools for anyone looking to uncover hidden metal objects. With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to quality, Fisher Research Labs remains a leader in the field of metal detection.


Q: Are Fisher metal detectors suitable for beginners? A: Yes, Fisher metal detectors are user-friendly and suitable for individuals at all levels of experience, including beginners.

Q: Can Fisher metal detectors be used on all types of terrain? A: Absolutely, Fisher metal detectors are designed to be versatile and can be used on various terrains, including sand, soil, and underwater.

Q: Does Fisher Research Labs offer equipment for professional use? A: Yes, Fisher Research Labs provides a range of metal detectors that cater to both amateur and professional needs, including those used for security and industrial applications.

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