Let’s face it, skateboarding isn’t an easy sport. With all the tricks and jumps that are involved, you need to make sure that your board is properly equipped and in top condition.

The grip tape on your board is essential for keeping you safe – it gives you a better grip on the board so you can perform your tricks with ease.

But what type of grip tape should you use? Here's what you need to know about skateboard grip tape.

What Is The Best Skateboard Grip Tape?

Types of Skateboard Grip Tape

There are two main types of skateboard grip tape available: standard and longboard.

Standard grip tape is used for most boards, while longboard grip tape has more cushioning and shock absorption, which makes it great for cruising around town or doing tricks at the skate park.

Both types come in different colors and textures, so you can choose one that best suits your style.

Durability Matters

When shopping for skateboard grip tape, make sure to look for quality materials that won't wear down easily.

Some tapes are made from vinyl, which is a durable material but can be prone to tearing or peeling after extended use. Other tapes are made from silicon-based materials which are more resistant to wear and tear but may be pricier than vinyl varieties.

Ultimately, whichever type of material you choose depends on your budget and how often you plan on using your board.

Adhesive Strength Is Key

It's also important to consider the adhesive strength of the grip tape when making your purchase.

You want something that will stick firmly to the deck without slipping or sliding off when doing tricks or grinding rails.

Try out different brands and see which ones adhere best to your board – some may have stronger adhesives than others! Make sure to clean the deck before applying any new tape so it sticks better once applied.

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Grip tape is an essential part of any skater’s arsenal, so it pays to get the right kind for your setup and skating style.

Consider factors like durability, price point, adhesive strength, color options, and texture when choosing a new skateboard grip tape – these factors will help ensure that you get a quality product that lasts for a long time!

Whether you prefer standard or longboard grips, no doubt having good quality gripping power beneath your feet helps take your riding skills up a notch!

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