What's the Weight of a Basketball?

Have you ever wondered how much a basketball weighs? Before you go on a shopping spree to stock up for the upcoming season, it might be helpful to know the answer. After all, if you’re going to be playing with a basketball all day, you want it to be as light as possible. So don’t let this question weigh (pun intended) on your mind any longer—read on and find out!

The average weight of an official size 7 men's basketball is 20 ounces or 1.25 pounds. That's about the same weight as 4 apples or 8 oranges. Women's basketballs are slightly lighter, weighing in at 18 ounces or 1.125 pounds. It may not seem like much of a difference but trust us—it makes a world of difference during game time!

So why is there such a big discrepancy between men’s and women’s basketballs? The main reason is that balls must meet certain standards set by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). For example, FIBA requires men's balls to have a circumference between 74 cm and 78 cm, while women's balls must have a circumference between 73 cm and 75 cm. As for weight, FIBA states that an official size 7 ball should weigh between 600g and 650g when filled with air - which equates to 20-22 ounces or 1.25-1.375 pounds.

How Much Does A Basketball Weigh?
Photo by Kylie Osullivan / Unsplash


At the end of the day, your basketball weight preference has more to do with personal preference than anything else—so don't worry too much about what the numbers say! Whether you prefer an extra light ball or one that has some heft behind it, make sure it meets FIBA regulations so that your games can go off without any hitches (or heavy balls!). With proper care and maintenance, your basketball should last you through many fun seasons ahead!

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