Lacrosse, often considered the fastest sport on two feet, has a seasonality that can be as dynamic as the game itself. Whether you're a high school student-athlete, a college lacrosse enthusiast, or a fan of professional lacrosse leagues, knowing when the lacrosse season starts and ends is essential.

This article will guide you through the various lacrosse seasons, from youth lacrosse to the national lacrosse league, ensuring you never miss a face-off.

College Lacrosse Season: The Spring Sport Tradition

The college lacrosse season is synonymous with the spring season. Most college lacrosse teams begin their preseason activities in early February, with regular season games kicking off in late February or early March.

The NCAA lacrosse season is a spring sports staple, with college lacrosse coaches preparing their teams for a series of intense matchups that lead up to the NCAA tournament in May.

The culmination of the collegiate-level competition often coincides with Memorial Day weekend, a time when fans from all over the country gather to witness the crowning of the national champions.

When is Lacrosse Season
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High School Lacrosse Season: Preparing the Next Generation

High school lacrosse season typically aligns with the college timeline but can vary depending on the region. In states like New York and Colorado, where lacrosse is incredibly popular, the season usually starts in early March and extends through early June.

High school student-athletes compete in regular season games, to make it to the playoffs and ultimately the state championship.

The high school lacrosse season is a critical time for players to showcase their skills, often in front of college scouts looking to recruit the next wave of talent.

Professional Lacrosse Leagues: Extending the Excitement

When it comes to professional lacrosse leagues, such as the National Lacrosse League (NLL) and the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), the season can extend well into the summer months.

The NLL, which focuses on box lacrosse, typically starts its season in December or January and runs through the winter months, concluding with playoffs and a championship in the late spring or early summer.

On the other hand, the PLL operates during the summer season, starting in late May or early June, offering fans the opportunity to enjoy lacrosse games during the warmer months.

When is Lacrosse Season
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Club Lacrosse: Year-Round Opportunities

Club lacrosse offers a more flexible and extended season for players of various skill levels. Club teams often participate in local tournaments and fall lacrosse leagues, providing a platform for continuous development and competition outside of the primary season.

Fall lacrosse is particularly important for players looking to improve their game and gain exposure to college lacrosse coaches during the off-season.

Lacrosse Season Start and End: Mark Your Calendars

For most teams, the lacrosse season start is a time of excitement and anticipation. At the collegiate level, the season officially begins in late February, while professional leagues may start as early as January.

The lacrosse season end varies, with college teams wrapping up by early June and professional leagues concluding in the summer. Fans and players alike should mark their calendars for these critical dates to ensure they're ready for the first whistle.

Youth Lacrosse: Cultivating Passion Early On

Youth lacrosse typically follows the spring sport model, with the season starting in March and ending in May or June. This allows young players to enjoy the sport during the more temperate spring and early summer months.

Youth leagues are crucial for developing fundamental skills and fostering a love for the game that can lead to future participation at the high school or collegiate level.

When is Lacrosse Season
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NCAA Tournament: The Pinnacle of College Lacrosse

The NCAA tournament is the highlight of the college lacrosse season, where teams compete fiercely for the title of national champions. The tournament begins in May, following the conclusion of regular season games and conference tournaments.

It's a time of high stakes and intense competition, drawing in fans from across the nation to witness the best of college lacrosse.

Postseason Play: The Quest for the Championship

Postseason play is where the intensity of the lacrosse season peaks. Whether at the high school, college, or professional level, playoffs are a time when every pass counts, and every goal can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The playoffs lead to the ultimate goal: the championship game, where teams lay it all on the line for the glory of lifting the trophy.

Lacrosse in Different Climates: Adapting to the Environment

The lacrosse season can be influenced by the local climate. In warmer states, the season may start earlier or extend later, while in colder regions, teams might have to wait until the winter months pass before they can compete outdoors.

Regardless of the climate, indoor facilities and box lacrosse leagues provide opportunities for players to continue honing their skills year-round.

Preparing for the Season: Training and Conditioning

Before the lacrosse season begins, players engage in rigorous training and conditioning to prepare for the demands of the game. Preseason activities are crucial for building team chemistry, developing strategies, and ensuring that players are physically ready to compete at their best.

For fans, this is also a time to start following team updates and getting excited about the upcoming lacrosse games.

When is Lacrosse Season
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Some Final Thoughts

Understanding when the lacrosse season helps players, coaches, and fans prepare for the excitement of the game. From the spring-dominated college and high school seasons to the summer sports vibe of professional leagues, lacrosse offers a range of opportunities to enjoy and participate in this dynamic sport.

Mark your calendars and get ready for face-offs, goals, and championship pursuits that define the lacrosse seasons.


When does the college lacrosse season typically start? 

The college lacrosse season usually starts with preseason activities in early February, with regular season games beginning in late February or early March.

How long is the professional lacrosse season? (National Lacrosse League)

Professional lacrosse seasons can vary. The National Lacrosse League typically runs from December or January through the late spring or early summer, while the Premier Lacrosse League operates during the summer months.

Are there lacrosse opportunities outside of the primary season? 

Yes, club lacrosse and fall lacrosse leagues offer year-round playing opportunities, and indoor facilities allow for continued play and skill development even during the off-season or in colder climates.

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