Imagine a bride walking down the aisle with flawless makeup, a stunning pair of shoes, and a beautiful cake waiting for her at the reception.

But have you ever thought about how these elements come together to create the perfect wedding day look? Makeup that stays put, shoes that scream style and comfort, and a cake that is beautifully decorated are all must-haves.

Enter Vivohome airbrush systems - the secret weapon for makeup artists and designers when it comes to achieving a flawless look.

The airbrush system runs smoothly to deliver a perfect finish every time, whether it's an intricate tattoo design or intricate cake decoration.

Combine that with the right pair of shoes, and you've got a recipe for success on your big day.

Vivohome Airbrush is a multifunctional and high-performance airbrushing machine designed to deliver top-notch painting performance.

This product review aims to explore the product's specifications, quality, features, and benefits, highlighting its professional-level capabilities and versatility.

The Vivohome Airbrush is built for professional-level painting, offering superior performance and extreme precision. It features a powerful motor that can generate up to 22 PSI of pressure and creates fine atomized particles of paint for consistent coverage.

Vivohome Airbrush

VIVOHOME 110-120V Professional Airbrushing Paint System with 1/5 HP Air Compressor and 3 Airbrush Kits for Tattoo Makeup Shoes Cake Decoration Black

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The unit has adjustable airflow control and adjustable spray patterns, allowing you to customize your painting experience with more intricate details. Additionally, it comes with an ergonomic handle designed to reduce fatigue during long hours of use.

In terms of quality, the Vivohome Airbrush is made from durable high-grade components which deliver long-lasting performance and reliability.

Furthermore, its lightweight design makes it highly portable for easy storage or transportation when not in use.

For those looking for a creative and professional painting experience, the Vivohome Airbrush is the perfect tool. Its features and benefits make it ideal for experienced professionals as well as those just starting with airbrushing.

With its adjustable patterns and airflow control, you can create detailed designs or wide-scale artwork with ease. Get creative and unleash your inner artist today!

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, the Vivohome Airbrush is sure to deliver top-notch painting performance.

Experience professional-level painting today with the Vivohome Airbrush!

Product Specs:

  • 3 kinds of multipurpose fluid tips: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.5mm sets to meet different needs with adjustable air pressure
  • Compressor: 1/5HP air compressor with air filter water trap, delivers 23-25L/min airflow and 0.8cfm air volume; it is light-weight, compact, and easy to carry with a handle, can put on a desktop or place under the worktable
  • Professional effects: a precise adjustment of airflow to ensure clean and dry air, continuous and powerful pressure. The auto turn-off when the motor is close to overheating
  • Stable performance: secured by classic piston framework, pressures are steady and sufficient, designed to maintain a stable air output level; it is low-noise at 47-dB and oil-free
  • Multiple functions: covers a wide range of uses from commercial art, temporary tattoos, sunless tanning, cake decoration, cosmetics, costume make-up, crafts, illustrations, retouches, and any other airbrushing activities.
Vivohome Airbrush

Product Quality:

The Vivohome Airbrush boasts excellent quality, thanks to its well-crafted and intelligent design. It is equipped with a 1/5HP air compressor with an air filter water trap, ensuring powerful, precise, and stable performance.

The compressor turns off automatically when the motor is close to overheating, ensuring safety and prolonging its lifespan.

The piston framework ensures that the machine's pressures are steady and sufficient, maintaining a stable air output level. The unit is also low-noise at 47 dB and oil-free, guaranteeing clean and dry air.

Features & Benefits:

Vivohome Airbrush has multiple features and benefits. Some of them include:- Three different fluid tips for different needs

  • A compressor-mounted airbrush holder that can accommodate two airbrushes
  • Delivering accurate, powerful, and stable performance with an adjustable airflow
  • Auto turn-off when the motor is close to overheating to prevent damage to the machine
  • Low-noise and oil-free, making it an efficient and eco-friendly solution
  • Accommodates various airbrushing functions, from commercial art, tattoos, sunless tanning, cake decoration, cosmetics, costume make-up, crafts, illustrations, and retouches.
Vivohome Airbrush


  • Multifunctional with different fluid tips
  • Powerful, precise, and stable performance
  • Intelligent and eco-friendly design
  • Low noise and oil-free
  • Comprehensive and versatile


  • Requires proper handling since the airbrush is a fine component
  • It needs regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance


Vivohome Airbrush is a highly affordable solution, considering its advanced and durable features. It comes with an excellent price-to-value ratio and is readily availed on Amazon Prime.

So, you can enjoy a hassle-free purchase and get free 2-day shipping.

Vivohome Airbrush


Compared to other airbrushing machines, the Vivohome Airbrush stands out for its intelligent and multifunctional design. It has three fluid tips for various needs, a powerful and stable compressor, and an eco-friendly and low-noise operation.

Unlike other airbrushing machines, it can accommodate various airbrushing activities, making it an all-in-one solution for artists and hobbyists.

Customer Experiences:

Customers who purchased the Vivohome Airbrush have praised its versatility, ease of use, and affordability.

The machine's combination of performance, affordability, and durability has made it a preferred option for artists, illustrators, and hobbyists. Customers have also noted that it is an ideal choice for temporary tattoos, sunless tanning, cake decoration, and costume make-up.

Vivohome Airbrush


Is Vivohome Airbrush easy to use?

Yes, Vivohome Airbrush is easy to use and comes with an adjustable airflow for a precise and effective painting experience.

Does Vivohome Airbrush come with an airbrush holder?

Yes, it comes with a compressor-mounted airbrush holder that can accommodate two airbrushes.

Can Vivohome Airbrush be used for commercial art?

Yes, it can be used for commercial art as well as a range of other airbrushing activities.

What is the noise level of Vivohome Airbrush?

Vivohome Airbrush is low-noise, producing only 47 dB when in operation.

What is the noise level of Vivohome Airbrush?

Vivohome Airbrush is low-noise, producing only 47 dB when in operation.

How many fluid tip sets does Vivohome Airbrush come with?

Vivohome Airbrush comes with three fluid tip sets, including 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.5mm.

Is the airbrush easy to disassemble and clean?

Yes, it is easy to clean and maintain, but it requires proper handling since the airbrush is a fine component that can be damaged if improperly disassembled.

Is Vivohome Airbrush eco-friendly?

Yes, it is oil-free and designed to be efficient and eco-friendly.

Can I use Vivohome Airbrush for sunless tanning and cosmetics?

Yes, it can be used for sunless tanning, cosmetics, and other airbrushing activities.

How often does Vivohome Airbrush need maintenance?

Vivohome Airbrush needs regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Does Vivohome Airbrush come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a one-year warranty for any defects or damages incurred under proper use.

Vivohome Airbrush

Some Final Thoughts

Are you an airbrush enthusiast looking for a reliable and efficient system to take your skills to the next level? Look no further than the Vivohome 110-120v professional airbrushing paint system!

This versatile system has got you covered for any airbrush jobs, from tattoo and makeup applications to shoe and cake decorations.

Its dry air stable performance ensures consistent and precise results, while the included airbrush covers and kits for tattoo and makeup make customization a breeze.

And don't be fooled by its compact size - the powerful 5 hp air compressor and piston type design make it a portable mini air compressor with big performance.

So why settle for anything less than the best? Upgrade to the Vivohome professional airbrushing system and unleash your creativity!

Vivohome Airbrush is a multifunctional and high-performance airbrushing machine that delivers excellent quality and professional-grade results.

It is easy to use, eco-friendly, and versatile, accommodating a range of airbrushing functions. With its affordable price, well-crafted design, and efficient operation, Vivohome Airbrush is the ideal solution for artists, illustrators, and anyone looking to turn their ideas into reality.

To purchase Vivohome Airbrush or get additional information, click on the "Check Price on Amazon" button. You'll benefit from an affordable and high-quality airbrushing machine that can accommodate your various airbrushing needs, backed by a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

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