Do you spend time outdoors in bear country?

You can't always avoid running into bears, but you can take steps to protect yourself. One of the most important tools for defense against a bear encounter is a quality bear spray.

Not all bear sprays are created equal - that's why we've done the research for you and compiled a list of the sprays on the market. With this information, you can make an informed decision about which product is right for you.

Check out our list of the sprays and choose one for your next outdoor excursion!

How We Choose The Best Bear Spray

When you're hiking, camping, fishing, or just out in the wilderness there's always a chance of a bear encounter!

It's scary enough when you think about running into a bear in the wild, but it's even more terrifying when you realize that you may not be prepared if that happens.

With one of the top 5 rated bear sprays from our list, you can rest assured that you'll be safe if an encounter does occur. Our list is compiled based on real-life customer reviews so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

We've personally read hundreds of reviews and have compiled a list of the best bear sprays currently available on the market. we've done the work for you! just hit the "Check Price On Amazon" button to purchase on Amazon or simply to get additional info.

What To Look For In A Bear Spray

A Bear spray canister is a critical tool for anyone who spends time in bear country. Its potent formula can help to repel bears, and its ease of use makes it ideal for use in an emergency.

However, not all bear sprays are created equal. The most important thing to look for in a bear spray is its potency, as this will determine how effective it is at repelling bears.

Most bear sprays are rated by percentage of capsaicin, and the most powerful ones allowed by the EPA feature a 2% formula. In addition, ease of use is also crucial, as you don't want to be fumbling around with your bear spray when a bear is charging you.

Finally, the range is also an important consideration, as you want to be able to keep the bear as far away from you as possible. Depending on the canister that is used and the current weather conditions when it is fired, bear spray can have a range of 10 to 40 feet.

By considering all of these factors, you can choose the best bear spray for your needs and give yourself peace of mind when spending time in bear country.

Best Bear Spray


The price of bear spray can vary depending on several factors, including potency, distance of spray, and ease of use. In general, prices range from $5 to $100 or more.

An average price for a good quality product will range between $20 and $70. When considering the purchase of bear spray, it is important to consider the quality of the product as well as the price.

A cheap product may be ineffective, while a more expensive one may offer better protection. Ultimately, the best bear spray is the one that provides the optimal balance of quality and price.


The mix of compounds and their concentrations will also determine their effectiveness. It would be great to check the capsaicin concentration since that is the active ingredient.

On the canister, you’ll see it marked as CRC concentration in percentages. EPA recommends 2 percent as the minimal concentration of this active chemical.

Thus, you need to pick the spray that possesses the maximum concentration as this would work best. The maximal CRC concentration is 9 percent. But, don’t forget that other factors also play an important role so a spray with 10 percent of CRC may not be more effective than one with 8 percent.

For example, a canister that sprays for 6 seconds covers more area and thus is more effective, even if it has a lower concentration of CRC. All things considered, you should choose the bear repellent considering all the factors, not just the CRC percentage.

Best Bear Spray
Photo by Vincent Maret / Unsplash

Distance Of Spray

Bear attacks are on the rise in North America, and encountering a bear while out in the wilderness can be a very scary experience. Fortunately, bear spray is an effective way to deter a bear and ensure your safety.

However, there are a few things to consider when purchasing sprays, such as the distance of the spray and the power of the sprayer. The distance of the spray is important because you want to make sure that the bear is far enough away from you that it won't be able to reach you.

The power of the sprayer is important because you want to make sure that it will be effective in deterring a bear, even if you're in a windy environment. The duration of the spray is also important because you want to make sure that you have enough time to empty the entire canister.

Keep these things in mind when purchasing bear spray so that you can be prepared if you ever encounter a bear while out in the wilderness.

Ease of Use

When it comes to bear spray, ease of use is paramount. After all, you don't want to be fumbling around with your canister when a bear starts charging toward you.

The last thing you want is for the bear to get too close before you're able to deploy your spray. To ensure that your bear spray is easy to use, start by checking the trigger.

It should depress easily so that you can fire off a quick burst if necessary. In addition, make sure that the safety tab on your bear spray is easy to remove.

You don't want to accidentally discharge your bear spray while you're still trying to take the safety off. By taking these simple steps, you can help ensure that you'll be able to use your bear spray quickly and effectively in an emergency.

Spray canisters come in many sizes. Some are small enough to store in your pocket and others will be a bit larger but can easily be stored in a small backpack.

Top Seller On Amazon

Sabre Frontiersman 9.2 oz. Bear Spray

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Why We Love It

No matter where your adventure takes you, be prepared with the Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray. This powerful spray has a maximum strength formulation and is guaranteed to stop a bear in its tracks.

With a range of up to 35 feet, it's easy to keep your distance from any potential threats. And with 84% more fog per 1-second burst than other brands, you can be sure you're getting the most protection possible.

The included belt holster makes it easy to carry and keep within reach, so you'll always be prepared for anything. Don't let a chance encounter with a bear ruin your trip – be prepared with the Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray.

Stuff You Should Know

Frontiersman Bear Spray Holsters are not made with Velcro, allowing for quick and silent access to your deterrent should you encounter a bear. Our bear spray is field-tested and proven effective against all types of bears by the Elmendorf Air Force Base and Brown Bear Resources.

Our environmentally friendly bear spray is also E.P.A. approved. This gives you the certainty and peace of mind that you need when you're out in bear country.

So whether you're hiking, camping, or just spending time in the great outdoors, be sure to bring along a Frontiersman Bear Spray Holster for effective protection against any type of bear.

Best For Long Spray

Counter Assault 8.1 Oz Bear Spray

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Why We Love It

Looking for a premium bear deterrent spray that will give you the best protection possible? Look no further than Counter Assault 8.1 Oz Bear Spray.

Our maximum strength 2% capsaicin and related capsaicinoids formula are sure to keep you safe, as well as your family and camping gear. With an optimal 32 ft spray distance and 7-second spray duration, you can be sure that you'll be able to defend yourself in any situation.

Don't take chances with your safety - choose Counter Assault Bear Spray!

Stuff You Need t Know

Counter Assault 8.1 Oz Bear Spray is a bear canister that works to deter all bear species from attacking humans for safer camping and hiking. Made-in Montana bear spray provides extra safety with a glow-in-the-dark safety wedge and tie string.

The Counter Assault 8.1 Oz Bear Spray also comes with an illustrated instruction booklet and DVD on how to use the Counter Assault 8.1 Oz Bear Spray for maximum effectiveness against charging bears.

The canister of Counter Assault 8.1 Oz Bear Spray contains enough bear deterrents to provide 30 seconds of continuous spraying time, which is the industry standard for bear repellents.

This amount of time will give you ample opportunity to escape should a bear charge you while camping or hiking in bear country.

With its high-quality, made-in-Montana construction, the Counter Assault 8.1 Oz Bear Spray is sure to provide you with many years of safe and effective protection against charging bears so that you can enjoy peace of mind while camping and hiking in bear country.

Best Ease Of Use

Udap 12DCH 7.9oz-225g Bear Pepper Spray w/GrizGuard Holster 2PACK

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Why We Love It

The Udap 12DCH 7.9oz-225g Bear Pepper Spray is a great way to keep your bear spray accessible and easy to carry. The bear spray trigger is easily accessible, making it simple to use in an emergency.

The convenient clip ensures that the bear spray can be quickly and easily attached to your belt or backpack. The bear spray is also silent, so you won't startle the bear if you need to use it.

The Udap Bear Spray, which is very similar to Guard Alaska bear Spray, is one of the best sprays you can buy. It provides maximum bear spray strength and sprays range which is what you'd need for grizzly bears or other aggressive type bears.

Stuff You Should Know

Mark Matheny is a grizzly bear attack survivor who has devoted his life to developing the best bear deterrent pepper spray on the market. UDAP Pepper Power is the result of his years of research and field testing.

This powerful spray is made from a unique blend of chili peppers, and it is proven to deter even the most aggressive bear. When used properly, UDAP Pepper Power can give you the peace of mind that you need when hiking in bear country.

Mark Matheny's story is an inspiring one, and his commitment to helping others avoid bear attacks is commendable. Thanks to his efforts, hikers can now enjoy the trail with a little bit less worry.

Mace Brand Personal Security Products Guard Alaska Maximum Strength Bear Spray – 20’

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Why We Love It

Looking for the most powerful bear spray available? Look no further than Guard Alaska Maximum Strength Bear Spray. Our maximum strength bear spray is the strongest formula allowed by the EPA, and it rapidly deploys a heavy fog of bear deterrent over a 20-foot range.

Looking for a reliable way to protect yourself from bears while enjoying the great outdoors? Look no further than the Mace Brand Personal Security Products Guard Alaska Maximum Strength Bear Spray.

This natural ingredient-derived spray is EPA regulated and will cause the bear's eyes, nose and lungs to engorge upon contact, resulting in temporary sight loss, restriction of breathing, and burning sensation.

Plus, it empties in just 6 seconds, making it an essential accessory for hiking, climbing, camping, biking and other outdoor activities in bear country. So why take chances with your safety?

Be sure to pick up a can of Mace Brand Bear Spray before your next outdoor adventure. Whether you're hiking in bear country or just want to be prepared for any potential encounter, Guard Alaska bear Spray will give you the peace of mind and protection you need.

Stuff You Should Know

If You Need an easy-to-use bear spray that will protect you while you're enjoying the great outdoors? Look no further than the Mace Brand Guard Alaska Maximum Strength Bear Spray.

This bear spray empties in just six seconds, making it an essential accessory for hiking, climbing, camping, and biking in bear country. The finger loop handle and safety clip make it easy to carry, and the orange safety wedge on top of the grip ensures that you can use it quickly and easily in an emergency situation.

So don't let a little bear run-in ruin your outdoor fun – be prepared with the Mace Brand Guard Alaska Maximum Strength Bear Spray.

Great Alternative to Spray!

SABRE Frontiersman Bear Horn (Alternative to Spray)

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Why We Love It

Looking for a powerful bear horn that is an alternative to bear spray and can help prevent bear attacks? Look no further than the SABRE Frontiersman Bear Horn! With its 115dB horn, it can be heard up to 0.5 miles (805 meters) away, making your presence known to any nearby bears.

Additionally, its bright orange color makes it easy to spot in case of an emergency. So don't wait until it's too late – pick up a SABRE Frontiersman Bear Horn today!

Stuff You Should Know

The last thing you want on a hike is to reach into your bag for a snack and accidentally set off your horn, wasting the 60- ¼ second bursts. With the On/Off feature, that worry is a thing of the past.

The compact design easily fits into side compartments or pockets, making it quick and easy to access when you need it most. Whether you're out on a trail or enjoying a day in the park, the horn can help keep you safe by providing 60- ¼ second bursts of sound.

So enjoy your next adventure with the peace of mind, knowing that you're prepared for anything.

Best Bear Spray
Photo by Anna Tremewan / Unsplash

What's the Best Bear Spray For You

Bear attacks are on the rise in North America, as human populations expand into bear habitats and encounter the animals more frequently. In wilderness areas, it's essential to carry bear spray, also known as bear mace or bear repellent.

This self-defense tool is your best chance of surviving a bear attack with minimal injuries. Bear spray works by firing a persistently dense stream of oleoresin capsicum, a capsaicin-based irritant, at a charging bear.

The spray temporarily blinds and disorients the bear, allowing you to escape to safety. Bear spray is most effective when used at close range, so it's important to have it readily accessible in a holster or backpack.

When choosing a bear spray, look for a product that is EPA-certified and has a maximum discharge time of at least 9 seconds. You should also choose a size that is appropriate for the area you'll be hiking in - for example, a smaller canister may be sufficient for day hikes but you'll need a larger one for extended backpacking trips.

With bear populations on the rise and encounters becoming more common, it's essential to be prepared with the right tools and knowledge. Carrying bear spray is the best way to ensure your safety in bear country.

Bear Spray FAQs

People are often curious about Bear Spray, but they don't know where to start.

It's natural to be curious about Bear Spray, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

We've compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions about Bear Spray so that you can learn more about this important safety tool.

Does bear spray actually work?

Does bear spray work? In short, bear spray is 98% effective at deterring a bear. It's a strong-smelling capsaicin spray, similar to the pepper spray or mace that policemen use. Most bears won't think twice when their nose and eyes start watering and burning and will back off.

Does The Bear Spray Permanently Hurt The Bear?

Don't worry, the bear spray will not permanently harm the animal, but it will allow you enough time to leave the area. Once you discharge your bear spray back away from the area. Don't run but be sure to leave the area to get away from the spray and animals.

What Is Bear Spray VS Pepper Spray?

This is because the bear spray is more pressurized, comes out faster, and travels further than a standard pepper spray. Most pepper sprays have a range of around 10 feet, whereas sprays are designed to keep the bear as far away as possible and therefore have ranges up to 35 feet.

Will Bear Spray Stop A Charging Bear?

A charging bear within 60 feet: Bear spray has a high success rate of stopping charging bears before contact when the bear spray is deployed when the charging bear is just within 60 feet.

Will Bear Spray Stop A Grizzly?

“There are reasons why bear spray should be the first choice for anybody recreating in bear country,” he says, pointing to Smith's research in Alaska that showed bear spray to be 92 percent effective in deterring attacks by grizzly, black and polar bears.

How many Seconds Does Bear Spray last?

An average spray will last 7-9 seconds.

Remember, you have only about 7-9 seconds worth of spray in a can. If the bear continues to approach, spray it again. Monitor the bear's activities and do not turn your back on the bear for any reason.

How Long Does It Take For Bear Spray To Wear Off?

Animals and people temporarily experience intense burning sensations, which wear off in 30 to 45 minutes. Bear Mace is non-lethal, has no ozone-depleting chemicals, and causes no permanent damage to the animal or person sprayed.

Do Air Horns Scare Off Bears?

Animals and people temporarily experience intense burning sensations, which wear off in 30 to 45 minutes. Bear Mace is non-lethal, has no ozone-depleting chemicals, and causes no permanent damage to the animal or person sprayed.

Should You Stand Still If A Bear Charges You?

Watch the bear as you leave the area. If you surprise a black bear and it charges or attacks, fight back with everything you have! If you surprise a grizzly/brown bear and it charges or attacks, do not fight back! Only fight back if the attack persists.

Where Do You Aim At A Charging Bear?

But with a close, fast-incoming bear, don't waste time with a warning shot. Aim for the deadliest point you can find. On a close-in, charging bear, this will probably be the face or upper chest. Often full-attack grizzlies lower their heads as they come in, so that's about all you have to aim at.


It is important to be prepared when venturing into bear territory and the best way to do that is by carrying a can of bear spray.

Make sure you are safe by purchasing one of the Top 5 best sprays on the market. These sprays have been proven effective in deterring bears and will give you peace of mind while hiking or camping in bear country.

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