Pickleball, a unique combination of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years.

Originating in the 1960s, the sport has evolved significantly, with more players joining the ranks every day. As the game has developed, so too has the importance of wearing the right gear, especially when it comes to footwear.

In this article, we'll explore why proper pickleball shoes are essential for optimal performance on the court.

How We Choose

We've read through hundreds of reviews online and have compiled a list of the best-rated top-selling Pickleball Shoes on the market today!

All the tedious research work is done! Just start shopping and get out on that Pickleball court!

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Best Asics For Pickleball

ASICS Men's Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoe

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ASICS Men's Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoe

Why We Love It

Are you ready to take your pickleball game up a notch? Look no further than our new imported Asics pickleball shoes!

Our shoes are designed with rubber soles that provide comfort and durability, plus synthetic leather overlays which will help ensure your moves are the finest on the court.

We've taken sustainability seriously and that's why we've incorporated a solution dye sock liner - reducing water usage by 33% and carbon emissions by 45%.

That means these shoes not only look good, but they're also good for the environment!

Plus, with TRUSSTIC technology for improved stability, wrap-up outsole and wider gauge for smoother moves, and flex grooves in the outsole improving flexibility – you won’t believe how effortless it will be to climb up those leaderboards!

If you’re serious about dominating the court – it's time to make some space in those closets of yours for our new pickleball shoes.

Stuff You Should Know

  • Stay on that fitness grind with trendy and comfortable sneakers
  • Outstep the competition and elevate your running look with easy-to-style synthetic leather overlays
  • Reach your fitness goals faster with wrap-up outsoles for smoother, balanced movements
  • Go the extra mile with TRUSSTIC technology for improved stability
  • Ensure staying flexible with strategically placed flex grooves in the outsole to make sure you're ready for anything!

Best Sketchers For Pickleball

Skechers Men's Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes with Arch Fit Support Sneaker

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Skechers Men's Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes with Arch Fit Support Sneaker

Why We Love It

Are you ready to take your pickleball game to the next level? Look no further than Skechers Performance Pickleball Shoes!

Our shoes are designed for maximum agility and comfort so that you can move across the court like a champion.

Crafted with lightweight materials, our pickleball shoes offer unmatched durability and breathability—so you can keep your feet cool while making quick turns on the court.

Made by athletes for athletes, Skechers Performance Pickleball Shoes let you enjoy the scrappy sport like never before—all while looking cool doing it.

So lace up and get ready to make every point count - no matter how competitive or silly the situation may be!

Stuff You Should Know

  • Step into long-lasting comfort with a patented insole system designed by podiatrists!
  • Receive arch support that's been developed with 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans
  • Strike the ground as light as air with cushioned ULTRA FLIGHT technology
  • Stay steady on your feet with Goodyear Performance Outsole for increased traction and stability
  • Let your feet breathe—the removable insole helps mold to your foot for reduced shock and weight dispersion

Best K-Swiss For Pickleball

K-Swiss Men's Pickleball Supreme Shoe

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K-Swiss Men's Pickleball Supreme Shoe

Why We Love It

Are you a competitive Pickleball Player? Looking for footwear that won't leave you in the dust? Well, Pickleball Supreme is here to help!

It has the light responsiveness of Surge 7.0 technology, added comfort features of Durawrap flex upper, and Dragguard 7.0 outsole for maximal durability.

Plus, it features 180 PSC (180-degree thermal plastic Plantar Support Chassis), which will support your mid-foot and make sure you stay in the game longer!

Don't let yourself get left behind. Get your Pickleball Supreme shoes today and experience pickleball perfection!

Stuff You Should Know

  • Get your feet ready to move fast with the Rubber Sole Surge 7.0 Midsole!
  • Enjoy enhanced protection and flexibility from the Durawrap Flex!
  • Keep going strong with the Dragguard 7.0 for unsurpassed outsole durability!
  • Step with confidence thanks to the Aosta II Rubber Compound and its high-density non-marking outsole!
  • Get stabilized and supported in all your steps with 180 PSC Plantar Support Chassis!

Best Buy

ASICS Men's Gel-Game 9 Pickleball Tennis Shoe

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ASICS Men's Gel-Game 9 Pickleball Tennis Shoe

Why We Love It

Introducing the GEL-GAME 9 PB pickleball shoe for the recreational athlete who plays several times a week! This wittily designed beauty hits the court with just the right combination of comfort and durability.

Whether you’re making abrupt transitions or doing intense running, these shoes feature an open mesh design complimented with synthetic leather overlays and PU film to provide excellent stability.

Moreover, the TRUSSTIC technology in the midsole boosts your stability levels on the court while their new tooling helps absorb shock with EVA midsole foam and GEL technology cushioning!

So whether you're a beginner or an expert, be sure you take home a pair of GEL-GAME 9 PB pickleball shoes – because you deserve it!

Stuff You Should Know

  • Move with comfort and style in our breathable open mesh design
  • Ensure stability and balance on your run with TRUSSTIC technology
  • Relieve impact shocks while running thanks to GEL cushioning
  • Take every step with confidence knowing you're getting the best of American-made quality
  • Get moving without fear for what's underneath - EVA cushioning is here to save you!

Best Adidas For Pickleball

Adidas Courtflash

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Adidas Courtflash

Why We Love It

Say goodbye to sore feet and cranky muscles—it's time to Pickle in Style with Adidas Courtflash shoes!

Perfect for pickleball or tennis, these sleek sneakers are designed for comfort: protective padding cradles your feet no matter how long the match lasts.

These shoes won't slow you down either—with traditional lace-up closures, a snug fit is just a few tugs away. The breathable mesh upper will keep air flowing around your feet, so you can paddle effectively while looking cool.

We know you stay on top of your game, so why not add some style to that A+ attitude?

With the classic round-toe silhouette and subtle branding on the tongue and upper, you'll look as good as you play! So come on—Picklify Your Feet with Adidas Courtflash shoes!

Stuff You Should Know

  • Step into the court with confidence in the Adidas Courtflash sneakers
  • Strut your stuff all day long thanks to the cushioned footbed and all-day comfort
  • Get a secure fit for any pickleball or tennis match with traditional lace-up closure
  • Make a statement on and off the court with a classic round-toe silhouette design
  • Put your best foot forward every time with Adidas Courtflash sneakers
Pickleball Shoes
Photo by Joan Azeka / Unsplash

Choosing The Correct Shoes

Wearing the right pair of pickleball shoes can make a world of difference when it comes to control and agility on the court.

Unlike regular tennis or running shoes, pickleball shoes are specifically designed to provide more lateral support, which is crucial for the quick side-to-side movements that characterize the game.

This added support helps players maintain their balance and avoid injuries during play.

Types Of Pickleball Shoes

There are several types of pickleball shoes available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

High tops, for example, provide excellent ankle support, which can be beneficial for players who have a history of ankle injuries or need extra stability.

However, they can also be heavier and less breathable than other options, which may not be ideal for everyone.

Pickleball Shoes
Photo by Ben Hershey / Unsplash

Low Tops

Low-top pickleball shoes, on the other hand, offer more freedom of movement and tend to be lighter and more breathable.

While they may not provide as much ankle support as high tops, they are generally well-suited for players who prioritize speed and agility on the court.

Mid Tops

Mid-top shoes strike a balance between high tops and low tops, offering moderate ankle support without sacrificing too much in the way of weight or breathability.

These shoes can be a solid choice for players who want a bit of extra support but don't want to compromise on speed and agility.

Some Final Thoughts

Are you tired of feeling like you're playing pickleball in cinder blocks? Look no further than the express light pickleball shoe. With a breathable upper, you won't have to worry about those funky post-game smells.

And let's talk about good traction - these bad boys will keep you grounded no matter how hard you're swinging. Got a half size foot? No problem, the ortholite sock liner, and roomy toe box will ensure a comfortable fit.

And the best part? You don't have to sacrifice style for function. Finally, these pickleball court shoes are both practical and trendy.

Don't wear running shoes or let your footwear hold you back on the court - try the express light pickleball shoe today! Looking for the best pickleball shoes? we've got them here!

Pickleball Shoes


Q1: What are pickleball shoes?

Pickleball shoes are specifically designed footwear for playing pickleball, a popular racquet sport. These shoes provide the necessary support, stability, and traction required for quick movements on the court.

Q2: Can I use regular tennis shoes for playing pickleball?

While regular tennis shoes can be used for pickleball, it is recommended to wear pickleball-specific shoes. These shoes are designed with features that enhance lateral movements, provide better grip on the court, and offer greater durability.

Q3: What features should I look for in a court shoe?

Look for shoes with good lateral support, cushioning, stability, and traction. A non-marking sole is also important to avoid leaving scuff marks on indoor pickleball courts. Additionally, lightweight and breathable materials can enhance comfort during play.

Q4: Are the best pickleball shoes different from tennis shoes?

Pickleball shoes are similar to tennis shoes in terms of providing stability and support. However, pickleball shoes often have specific features catering to the unique movements and demands of the sport, such as lateral stability and court grip.

Q5: Can I use running shoes for playing pickleball?

Running shoes are not recommended for pickleball because they are designed for the forward motion rather than the lateral movements required in pickleball. Running shoes lack the necessary stability and traction needed for quick changes in direction.

Q6: Do pickleball shoes have ankle support?

Some pickleball shoes offer ankle support, but not all of them. If you have ankle issues or require additional support, consider choosing pickleball shoes with built-in ankle support or wear ankle braces alongside your regular pickleball shoes.

Q7: Are there pickleball shoes specifically designed for indoor and outdoor play?

Yes, there are pickleball shoes designed for both indoor and outdoor play. Indoor shoes typically have a non-marking sole to protect gym floors, while outdoor shoes may have more durable outsoles for better traction on different outdoor surfaces.

Q8: How often should I replace my pickleball shoes?

The lifespan of pickleball shoes depends on various factors such as frequency of play, playing style, and shoe quality. On average, pickleball shoes should be replaced every 6-12 months or when the outsole tread wears down significantly, affecting traction.

Q9: Can I use pickleball shoes for other sports?

While pickleball shoes are designed specifically for pickleball, they can be suitable for other court sports such as tennis, badminton, or squash. However, if you regularly play a different sport, it is recommended to use shoes specifically designed for that sport to optimize performance.

Q10: Can I wear pickleball shoes off the court?

Pickleball shoes are primarily designed for playing on the court, and their traction patterns may not be suitable for other surfaces. It is generally not recommended to wear pickleball shoes off the court, as it may cause premature wear and reduce their performance on the pickleball court.


Investing in the right pair of pickleball shoes is essential for players who want to maximize their performance on the court and minimize the risk of injury.

With a variety of options available, it's important to consider your individual needs and preferences when selecting the perfect pair.

Don't underestimate the impact that a quality pair of pickleball shoes can have on your game – invest and watch your performance soar.

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