Ah, the sound of turkey hunting season. It’s that time of year again when hunters from all over are gearing up for the challenge of outsmarting one of the most challenging game birds around wild turkeys!

Whether you’re a first-time hunter or a seasoned veteran, certain tips and tricks can help you bag your tom (or hen!). Read on to learn more about how to turkey hunt like a pro.

Know Your Terrain

The first step to successful turkey hunting is getting to know your terrain. While it may seem obvious, finding the best spot for your hunt is key.

Look for areas with plenty of vegetation—such as berry bushes, tall grasses, and thick woods—that provide cover for both you and the birds. Turkeys also love open fields where they can feed on grasses, grains, bugs, and other food sources.

Pay attention to wind direction; if possible, position yourself so that the wind is at your back—this will help keep your scent away from the birds you’re targeting.

How To Turkey Hunt?
Photo by J-Photos / Unsplash

Choose Your Weapon Wisely

The next step in successful turkey hunting is selecting the right weapon for the job. Depending on your state regulations and personal preference, you have three main options when it comes to weapons: shotguns, bows, and crossbows.

Shotguns are great for beginners because they’re easy to use and highly effective at short range; however, they can be noisy which can spook turkeys nearby.

Bows and crossbows are quieter but require more skill; they’re great if you plan on stalking turkeys or hunting in wide-open spaces.

No matter what weapon you choose, make sure it fits properly and that it’s well maintained before heading out into the field!

Get Creative with Calls & Decoys

Finally, no turkey hunt would be complete without calls and decoys! Turkeys communicate through different vocalizations such as clucks and yelps; by mimicking these sounds using a variety of calls (i.e., box calls, push buttons, etc.) you can lure them in closer to aim.

Additionally, decoys such as hens or jakes can add realism to your setup which can help bring those wary gobblers in range!

Experiment with different calls by practicing at home before heading out into the field; this will give you an idea of what works best for each species of bird in different settings.

How To Turkey Hunt?
Photo by Tyler Jamieson Moulton / Unsplash

Some Final Thoughts

So now that we've gone over some basics when it comes to turkey hunting tips & tricks remember this – practice makes perfect!

The more time spent honing your craft – be it calling techniques or scouting prime locations – will pay off come opening morning!

Take full advantage of this beautiful springtime activity by doing everything possible to ensure success…and happy hunting!

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