Can you use your feet in volleyball? Well, my dear friend, the answer is yes! It's legal to use your foot in indoor volleyball, as long as it's not intentional.

So, if you accidentally kick the ball, no harm is done. Volleyball is a sport that requires agility, balance, and coordination—but can you use your feet?

But let me give you a word of caution. While you may think that using your foot could give you an advantage over the other team, it could also make you look like a flailing octopus on the court.

So, unless you have some serious foot skills, stick to the classic way to play volleyball – with your hands. Don't worry, your feet can still cheer you on from the sidelines!

When it comes to the time-honored tradition of tossing the ball around, there’s no doubt that feet come in handy! Let’s take a look at how this age-old practice works.

The Rules of Play

When playing volleyball, players must stay within the boundary lines and avoid touching the net.

If a player does touch the net or go out of bounds, it is considered a fault and their opponent will win the point. One common mistake that many new players make is using their feet to hit the ball over the net.

This is not allowed as per official rules since it gives an unfair advantage to one team over another. However, there are certain exceptions when it comes to using your feet – so let’s get into it!

Can You Use Your Feet In Volleyball
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Feet First

The exception to using your feet for playing volleyball is when you are attempting to save a ball from going out of bounds or hitting the net.

This can be done by lightly tapping the ball with your foot before it goes out of bounds or touches the net. The key here is that you must tap lightly - if you kick too hard, then it will be considered a fault and your opponent will win the point!

Also, if two players from opposing teams both try to save a ball with their feet at the same time, then whichever player manages to make contact first will have priority over their opponent.


In addition to saving balls from going out of bounds or hitting the net with your feet, footwork can also play an important role in improving your overall game strategy.

Good footwork involves using quick changes in direction while maintaining balance and control over where you are moving on the court - this helps you anticipate where your opponents' shots may land and allows you to move quickly enough to save them from going out of bounds or hitting the net.

As long as you follow some simple rules like lightly tapping balls instead of kicking them too hard - and understanding when certain exceptions apply - then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make use of this advanced skill!

So grab a few friends next time you head out on the court and start working on perfecting your footwork today! With enough practice, who knows – maybe soon enough they'll call you “the human wall" because nothing will ever get past you!

Can You Use Your Feet In Volleyball
Photo by Ryan Arnst / Unsplash

Some Final Thoughts

Lightly tapping balls before they go out of bounds or hit the net is perfectly acceptable according to official regulations - just make sure not to kick too hard or else it will count as a fault against you!

With some practice and dedication anyone can become an expert volleyballer—so grab a few friends next time heading onto the court and start perfecting those moves today! Good luck!

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FAQs about Using Feet in Volleyball:

1. Can you use your feet in volleyball?
Yes, using your feet in volleyball is generally not allowed during regular play. The standard rules dictate that players cannot use their feet to hit the ball over the net or during regular rallies.

2. Are there any situations where feet can be used in volleyball?
Yes, limited instances permit the use of the feet. The feet can be used to save a ball from hitting the ground as long as it’s unintentional and doesn’t involve kicking or directing the ball to a teammate.

3. Can you kick the volleyball over the net?
No, intentionally kicking the volleyball over the net is not allowed. It’s considered an illegal play and results in a point for the opposing team.

4. Is it legal to play the ball off your foot accidentally?
Accidentally playing the ball off your foot is allowed if it's not a direct kick or a controlled movement. However, using the foot intentionally to make a play is against the rules.

5. Can you set the ball using your feet?
No, using your feet to set the ball deliberately is not permitted. The hands or any other body part except the feet are to be used for setting the ball.

6. Are there any exceptions for using feet in beach volleyball?
In beach volleyball, the rules are quite similar. The use of feet for direct play, such as kicking the ball over the net, is generally not allowed.

7. Can a player use their feet to block a shot?
No, using the feet to block a shot is not allowed. The block must be executed using the hands, and the use of feet in blocking is against the rules.

8. Are there penalties for using feet in volleyball?
Yes, if a player deliberately uses their feet to make a play, it results in a violation, and the opposing team gains a point.

9. Can you use your feet to dive and save a ball?
Yes, players can use their feet while diving to prevent the ball from hitting the ground, but it must be an unintentional act and not a directed kick.

10. Why are feet not allowed in volleyball play?
The rules prohibiting the use of feet in volleyball aim to maintain the game's standard and fair play. Allowing foot involvement could lead to safety concerns, alter the dynamics of the game, and might introduce an unfair advantage.


Many people wonder if they can use their feet in volleyball. While it is more common to use your hands or arms to hit the ball, there are situations where a player may end up hitting the ball intentionally with their foot.

This can happen when the ball hits a player's foot accidentally or when it is their last resort to save the ball from hitting the ground.

While using your foot is not a preferred method of playing indoor volleyball or NCAA volleyball, it is legal as long as the ball is not intentionally hit with the foot.

The opposing coach or team cannot penalize your team for a legal hit with the foot. Some volleyball players even use their feet to have more control over the ball and to get more balls up in the air.

However, it's important to note that as a volleyball player using your foot should always be a last resort. Opposing coaches can capitalize on weaker foot hits and use them to score more points.

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