The Birth of a Ski Revolution

In the heart of Chamonix, two pro skiers, Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, had a vision. They desired to create a ski brand that would embody the spirit of freedom and adventure.

Black Crows Skis was their answer, quickly becoming a sign of distinction on the slopes. Their skis are not just gear; they are gifts to the skiing community, offering a playful yet powerful experience.

How We Choose

We've read through hundreds of reviews online and many times have tested these products ourselves!

We've compiled a list of the best-rated top-selling Black Crows Skis on the planet today! Just click on the "Check Price On Amazon" button to purchase any of these skis or to get additional information.

Best Black Crows Skis Atris

Black Crows 2024 Atris Birdie Skis

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Black Crows 2024 Atris Birdie Skis

Why We Love It

Introducing the Black Crows 2024 Atris Birdie Skis - the true everyday big mountain ski for ambitious female skiers who want to explore the great outdoors. Originally debuted in 2014, this iconic ski from Black Crows has been updated and improved for the upcoming season.

With a unique blend of accessibility and versatility, the Atris is perfect for skiers who want to take on the mountain with confidence no matter the conditions. Whether you're shredding powder or taking on challenging terrain, the Atris is your go-to ski.

Featuring a lightweight design that packs a punch, this ski promises to delight the most demanding skiers from beginner to expert. Let the Black Crows Atris Birdie be your guide as you explore the great outdoors this winter.

Best Black Crows Skis Justis

Black Crows 2024 Justis Skis

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Black Crows 2024 Justis Skis

Why We Love It

Introducing the Black Crows 2024 Justis Skis, the ultimate all-terrain ski designed to keep up with the wildest curves. Designed with a combination of width and power, the Justis Skis has enough stability and power to charge over a crud and a double titanal plate for a powerful and committed ride.

The lightweight design of the ski has plenty of rocker for supple steering which makes it an ideal choice for those who are primarily in the ski area and want to take their skiing abilities further.

The construction also ensures that the skis are relatively light to carry, making it convenient when you have to take them off the slopes.

With great maneuverability and power, the Black Crows 2024 Justis Skis are sure to make a great addition to your skiing arsenal.

Best Black Crows Skis Nocta

Black Crows 2024 Nocta Skis

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Black Crows 2024 Nocta Skis

Why We Love It

Step it up this season with the Black Crows 2024 Nocta Skis! They are the third generation of the iconic Black Crow ski, designed to allow you to confidently surf the best powder with all the stability and reassurance you need.

It features an asymmetrical design for the most advanced riders, with its special tips that will undoubtedly be talked about in the lift line. This ski is perfect for big mountain terrain with moderate to stiff flex, 145/122/136 tip/waist/tail, and rocker/camber/rocker style construction.

With a 7 out of 10 on the flex scale, you'll feel secure and agile in any conditions you take on. Trust Black Crows to give you the confidence and performance you need for your best ski day yet.

Best Black Crows Skis 2023-176

Black Crows Anima Skis 2023-176

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Black Crows Anima Skis 2023-176

Why We Love It

If you're looking for a ski that can keep up with your most wildest adventures, the Black Crows Anima Skis are the perfect fit for you.

With a mounting point of -6cm, a double rocker for great maneuverability, control, and pivot, and a very progressive flex in the tip and tail, but firmer at the ski/ snow contact points, this ski is ready for any terrain.

Its semi-cap construction ensures good deformation in soft snow and efficient hard snow, while the brake width should be equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width. Harness your inner wildness and embark on daring freeride descents with the Anima Skis.

With its balanced airtime, power through crud, and soft snow handling, you're ready for all your wildest descents.

Best Black Crows Ski Poles

Black Crows Duos Freebird Ski Poles 2024-46-56

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Black Crows Duos Freebird Ski Poles 2024-46-56

Why We Love It

Skiing isn’t just about gliding down the slopes - it's about having the right gear to keep you safe and efficient on the mountain. With the Black Crows Duos Freebird Ski Poles, you’ll be ready to take on any terrain!

This two-piece telescopic pole is lightweight yet reliable, so you can move swiftly while still feeling secure. Its Power Lock 3.0 height adjustment system lets you get the perfect fit so you're ready for any slope.

Plus, the pole's flex basket adjusts effortlessly to any terrain changes, so you can adapt to the mountain on the go. And, for ultimate comfort, the Duos Freebird has a new ergonomic wrist strap for greater support and agility. Go farther with the Black Crows Duos Freebird Ski Poles!

A Stand for Quality and Performance

Black Crows Skis have carved a top spot among ski brands. They are known for their ability to handle soft snow with ease, making every turn an act of beauty.

The skis' backbone is their exceptional design, which provides a perfect balance between strength and lightness, allowing skiers to protect their sense of adventure while pushing their limits.

The Allure of Black Crows Skis

What sets Black Crows apart is the sense of desire they evoke. Each pair of skis is a work of art, reflecting the beauty of the mountains they are meant to conquer.

The brand's commitment to aesthetics goes hand-in-hand with its dedication to performance, making it a top choice for those who value both.

Black Crows Skis
Photo by Alex Lange / Unsplash

Designed for the Backcountry

For those who seek the thrill of the backcountry, Black Crows Skis are the ultimate companion. Their skis are built to withstand the unpredictable nature of off-piste terrain, offering the freedom to explore beyond the marked trails.

With Black Crows, the backcountry becomes a playground for adventure.

Feedback from the Slopes

Reviews from skiers around the world stand as a testament to the brand's success. Users often highlight the skis' ability to carve through soft snow and their playful nature, which brings a sense of joy to every run. The positive feedback is a clear sign that Black Crows Skis delivers on its promises.

Women's Line: A Category of Its Own

Black Crows recognizes the importance of providing gear that caters to women skiers. Their women's category is designed with a specific sense of beauty and functionality, ensuring that female skiers have the same level of performance and freedom on the slopes as their male counterparts.

Black Crows Skis
Photo by Cyprien Delaporte / Unsplash

The Difference in Detail

Every pair of Black Crows Skis is a reflection of the brand's attention to detail. From the bindings to the bags, each element is crafted to enhance the skiing experience.

The difference is evident in the way the skis perform, offering a seamless blend of control and playfulness.

The Backbone of Black Crows: Chamonix

Chamonix is not just a location; it's the backbone of Black Crows Skis. The brand's heritage is deeply rooted in this iconic skiing destination, drawing inspiration from its challenging slopes and breathtaking beauty. It's here that the essence of Black Crows was born and continues to thrive.

Services That Go Beyond the Shop

Black Crows isn't just about selling skis; it's about providing a complete experience. Their shops offer services that help skiers get the most out of their gear, from expert fittings to maintenance tips. It's a testament to their commitment to the skiing community.

Black Crows Skis
Photo by Luka Senica / Unsplash

The Sense of Community

Black Crow skis are more than just a product; they are a symbol of a passionate community. Skiers who choose Black Crows share a common desire for adventure and a sense of belonging to a group that values the freedom and beauty of the mountains.

The Playful Side of Performance

Performance doesn't have to be serious, and Black Crows Skis proves that. Their gear is designed to be playful, allowing skiers to experiment and have fun with their technique. It's this playful approach that makes skiing with Black Crows a unique experience.

Black Crows Skis
Photo by Glade Optics / Unsplash

Protect Your Passion

Investing in Black Crows Skis means protecting your passion for skiing. The brand's commitment to quality ensures that skiers can rely on their gear to stand up to the rigors of the mountain, season after season. It's about making a smart choice that safeguards your love for the sport.

Carve Your Path through soft snow with Confidence

With Black Crows Skis underfoot, skiers can carve their path with confidence. Whether it's navigating through tight trees or making wide turns in open bowls, these skis offer the control and responsiveness needed to tackle any terrain with ease.

The Gift of Skiing

For many, skiing is more than a sport—it's a way of life. Black Crows Skis are the perfect gift for those who share this sentiment. They represent a commitment to the joy and adventure that skiing brings, making every moment on the mountain unforgettable.

The Adventure Awaits

Every pair of Black Crows Skis is an invitation to embark on an adventure. They stand as a beacon for those who crave the thrill of the slopes and the freedom of the mountains. It's not just about the descent; it's about the journey and the stories that unfold along the way.

Some Final Thoughts

Black Crows Skis have established themselves as a beacon of innovation and style in the skiing world. Born from the passion of pro skiers in Chamonix, they offer a perfect blend of beauty, playfulness, and technical prowess.

With a strong commitment to quality and performance, Black Crows Skis are the ideal choice for skiers who seek adventure and a sense of freedom on the slopes.

Black Crows Skis
Photo by Greg Rosenke / Unsplash


Q: Are Black Crows Skis suitable for beginners? A: Black Crows offers a range of skis that cater to all skill levels, including beginners. Their focus on balance and control makes them a great option for those just starting out.

Q: Can Black Crows Skis be used for both on-piste and off-piste skiing? A: Yes, Black Crows designs skis that are versatile enough for both on-piste carving and off-piste adventures, providing skiers with the freedom to explore the entire mountain.

Q: How do Black Crows Skis stand out from other top brands? A: Black Crow skis stand out due to their unique combination of artistic design, playful performance, and a strong connection to the Chamonix skiing culture. They offer a distinct sense of style and adventure that resonates with skiers worldwide.

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